Hot Topic’s New Doctor Who Collection Will Regenerate Your Wardrobe

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Interested in some Doctor Who-inspired threads to wear as you watch the Christmas special this year? Well, Hot Topic has got you covered with this awesome collection of clothes inspired by the TARDIS, regeneration, and several Doctors! Check out the video and images of the pieces in the collection below!

One of my biggest concerns when looking at geek collections like this is “Is it available in Plus Sizes?” Because, you know, I’m a plus-size lady, and I want geeky fashions, too! Well, having had a looksee at the site, I’m happy to report that YES, they do offer these items in plus sizes (online only!), and that they’re real plus sizes up to Size 28/5X, not saying it’s plus size but really meaning “plus size according to Hollywood” or something.

One of my favorites has to be the Eleventh Doctor capelet ($54.50), which is SO CUTE:

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Capelet

And, so you can see it on a plus size model (more plus-size specific photos can be found at

capelet plus size

And here’s what the Eleventh Doctor dress ($64.50) looks like without the capelet. It’s a perfect homage to My Doctor (not my first, but my favorite!):

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Dress

The TARDIS is as much a star of this collection as she is in the Doctor’s life. Check out this beautiful TARDIS coat ($89.50) with an exploding TARDIS lining (the photo at the top of this post is a detail from the lapels):

Doctor Who TARDIS Coat

Doctor Who TARDIS Coat_View 2

And of course, no Doctor Who collection would be complete without TARDIS dresses. Here’s what this collection has to offer – the TARDIS Galaxy Dress ($49.50) and the Doctor Who TARDIS Dress ($79.50):

Doctor Who Galaxy TARDIS Dress

Doctor Who TARDIS Dress

Doctor Who TARDIS Dress_View 2

There are other TARDIS-inspired garments, too! Like the TARDIS Knit Pullover ($44.50) and the Doctor Who Fair Isle Knit Cardigan ($49.50):

Doctor Who TARDIS Knit
Doctor Who Fair Isle Cardigan
One of the most intriguing pieces to me is the Regeneration Dress ($64.50), mostly because I think it’s cool that they tried to capture the Doctor’s regeneration process as a garment. Sadly, this one isn’t available yet, but it’s COMING SOON. What do you think?

Doctor Who Regeneration Dress

Doctor Who Regeneration Dress_View 2

And thankfully, they acknowledge that the Eleventh Doctor wasn’t the only snazzily-dressed Doctor in the bunch. Check out this Fourth Doctor-inspired striped cardigan ($48.50). It’s no scarf, but it’ll do:

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Cardigan

So, whether you want to buy all of these Doctor Who fashion goodies yourself, or casually leave the website open so that loved ones can get ideas for their holiday shopping for you, this Doctor Who collection is available NOW, and will apparently only be around for a limited time. Now, of course, “time” is relative, but you might want to jump on these clothes anyway, just to be on the safe side.

(Images courtesy of Hot Topic)

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