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Please Just Take My Money and Give Me All of This Loki-Themed Ladies Wear

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s cunning adopted brother Loki plays a big part in the story, much to fans’ delight. Long a crowd favorite even when he was the villain in The Avengers, Loki’s mercurial loyalties shape him into a character who is always compelling, and a fine foil for the upright Thor. Her Universe has a new line of Loki-inspired clothes that are absolutely gorgeous, and I really am going to need someone to take my credit card away from me.

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I’ve now seen Thor: Ragnarok twice, and emerged with three new faves: Valkyrie, my wife that I adore beyond all measure; Korg, hilarious and scene-stealing; and Loki, whose squabbling bits with Thor and cycle of betrayals and redemption provided one of the best dynamics in the movie.

I’m having a bit of a Loki moment right now, so when I saw io9’s coverage of the new Hot Topic/Her Universe clothes, I clicked very fast. While I’m on record about lusting after Her Universe’s clothing before, this is the first time I can really say that I would happily wear this stuff, like, every day and also maybe to sleep and to work and to weddings.

The clothes, as io9’s Julie Muncy wrote, “take Loki’s signature look—the dark greens, sharp lines and embossed golds of his various outfits—and turn it into some fantastic ladieswear.” And I am here for it. Let’s take a look:

Create a little mischief of your own wearing this biker babe faux leather jacket from Her Universe and Marvel. The deep green jacket in Loki’s signature color has a hematite asymmetrical zipper closure and hematite zipper pockets that accent the chevron waist, mimicking the lines of the leather work on his costume. Hematite brads at the shoulders add a touch more toughness and the left collar features a brass button with a stamped Loki helmet design. 

Dear Her Universe, kindly send me this leather jacket so that I can, uh, review it. For, uh, science. For Asgard?

Train like an Asgardian! This deep green sports bra inspired by Loki’s signature color features black faux-leather straps and accents to mimic the leather on Loki’s clothing. The back has a gold foil hit of Loki’s helmet. It doesn’t matter what manner of tricks you plan on getting into – you’ll look and feel great in this one.

Dear Her Universe: So okay this might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen to work out or just lounge around in, but right now you’re sold out in every size save small and you need to restock, stat.

Let your fandom shine through, even in the most professional of settings! Wear this cape blazer from Her Universe and Marvel with pride because there’s no other like it. The black blazer looks like a tuxedo vest with a dashing cape attached and is lined with green satin – Loki’s signature color. The same green satin appears on the lapels as a hem accent, and the single brass button is stamped with Loki’s helmet. 

Dear Her Universe: you had me at “cape blazer.” CAPE. BLAZER.

This luxurious velvet dress from Her Universe and Marvel is fitting for Loki, since he is royalty. The fit and flare dress is in Loki’s signature deep green and is embossed with an allover print of Loki’s helmet. 

Dear Her Universe: Please believe me when I say this is my favorite dress you’ve ever produced and I am dangerously in love. I would wear this pretty much everywhere, and it’s formal enough to wear to a cocktail party, where I’m pretty sure it’d be a conservation starter to explain why I had tiny Loki helmets stamped all over my dress. They’d also serve as a nice, well, bat signal to other fans.

One of the coolest things about Loki in the comics is not only is Loki canonically queer, but the shape-shifting Loki is also genderfluid and it would be easy to picture her absolutely rocking these looks.

Dear Universe: I think that I love you.

(via Her Universe, io9, images: Her Universe, Marvel)

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