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Wonder Woman Fashion Has Arrived Just in Time for the Movie

My dear daughters (and sons! and everyone!) of Themyscira, if you were, well, wondering what you should wear to the theater to see Wonder Woman, a line of clothing designed by Her Universe is here to offer some options. There’s a lot to look at, and an encouraging range of sizes.

The line is launching simultaneously at Hot Topic, Torrid (there’s a sale!) and The different sites seem to feature many of the same outfits, but have different sizes and prices—this confuses the matter a bit, but also lets you spend more time looking at the Diana-themed styles.

For example, I’m in love with this clever shirt that’s modeled after Wonder Woman carrying the Sword of Athena down her back while wearing a gown:

Here it is at Torrid for $29.17:


(image: Torrid)

Here’s the one at Hot Topic for $34.90 – $38.90 (but buy 1, get one for $10):


(image: Hot Topic)

And Her Universe for $27.92 – $29.17 (front view):


(image; Her Universe)

It’s worth shopping around here, because while all three sites are carrying plus sizes in this shirt, it’s on sale at Torrid and Her Universe, but not Hot Topic—but Hot Topic’s having a “buy one, get one for $10” sale. Cool cool, we’re not overwhelmed at all.

Anywho, while some of these designs aren’t exactly the most practical—we have a lot to say on the subject of rompers—others appear to be well thought-out and on point in their homage to our favorite Amazon.


(image: Hot Topic)

(I mean, if you can wear a romper, bless you. But I would find it hard to sit through a movie, let alone fight villainy, in an outfit that’s difficult to go to the bathroom in.)

But buy this for meeeeeee:


(image: Her Universe)

Want a subtle, colorful way to show off your Wonder Woman affiliation, or an overt, costume-like dress? They’ve got you covered:


(image: Torrid)


(image: Hot Topic)


(image: Torrid)

Can we agree that all of these ladies look flippin’ fantastic? And that it’s awesome that so much time and energy has gone into Wonder Woman clothing design that seems inspired by both the upcoming film and the comics? The rest of the world might be on fire, but in this one little pocket of the Internet, I’m happy today.

What’s your favorite look?

(via FashionablyGeek | Her Universe | Hot Topic | Torrid)

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