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10 Best Romances in Non-Romance Movies and TV

Here are ten of our favorite romances, in non-romance movies and television!

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Gillian Anderson Fights, Flirts, Blows Stuff Up in Fan Trailer for Jane Bond

I want to believe.

Last weekend, a crafty fan made a poster of Gillian Anderson as the next James Bond, which Anderson herself then shared on Twitter. The #NextBond poster was just the latest in a series of fan campaigns focused around the role of James Bond. From Idris Elba to Priyanka Chopra, there's an obvious desire from many fans and some actors for women and people of color to take more of a central role in the Bond franchise.

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Mads Mikkelsen Misses Hannibal Just As Much As You Do

If not more.

In an interview with the U.K.'s Sunday Express this week, actor Mads Mikkelsen opened up about how Hannibal's untimely cancellation last year impacted the cast, saying “We are all angry. We were pissed. It’s madness."

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The First and Last Frames of TV Shows Give Us All the Feels

In this video after the jump, you'll get the feels from several shows at once, as it shows you the first frame and last frame of some popular TV shows. *NOTE: I hadn't ever watched several of these shows, but didn't consider the images spoilers. Be that as it may, use your own judgement. Read no further if you don't want descriptions of the endings of Mad Men, Lost, or Breaking Bad*

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Things We Saw Today: Help Make This LEGO Amelia Earhart Set a Reality

Up, up, and away!

Master builders Ellen Kooijman (Alatariel) and Brad Meltzer have devised this awesome Amelia Earhart LEGO set!

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iZombie Recap: “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind”

Sending one Marshmallow latte to all you Fannibals out there.

If you read anything about last night's iZombie episode, you were probably anticipating an special guest appearance that would turn you into a Marshmallow all over again. Little did we know that the episode would be a literal platter of cameos! With a side of black-humoured coffee!

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Bryan Fuller Talks American Dogs—Er, Gods; Wants to “Get Back in Bed” With the Hannibal Cast


During an interview with Uproxx, Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller talked about saying goodbye to the series after its untimely cancellation earlier this year.

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Hannibal Season 3 Special Features Include Gag Reel, Fannibal Appreciation Video

Gillian's face says it all: we miss you, Hannibal.

This show always cared a lot about its fans, and seeing this tribute to the fandom is making me feel all of the emotions. What are you going to miss most about Hannibal?

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Things We Saw Today: The Premiere of RocketJump: The Show

Rad ladies making rad things.

At New York Comic Con earlier this year we had the chance to talk to Ashly Burch and Lauren Haroutunian, just two of the incredible creators behind Hulu's new series RocketJump: The Show, premiering today.

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Things We Saw Today: Luke Skywalker’s Movie Kill Count Surprisingly High for a Do-Gooding Jedi

Sure, Luke has historically fought the Dark Side of the Force, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't kill a fuckton of people to do it. Check out Mr. Sunday Movies' Movie Kill Count for Luke Skywalker!

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The Presidential Candidates and Their Television Antihero Counterparts: An Investigation

In today’s level of media saturation, the lines between politics and pop culture grow ever blurrier.

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Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Kimonos That Will Up Your Jedi Robe Game

Love these you will.

Because Jedi robes weren't awesome enough, Etsy seller Sky Creation upped the robe game by creating these beautiful Star Wars kimonos!

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Hannibal Goes All “Red Dragon” In New Story Arc Trailer

Do you see?

It's a visually stunning trailer, as anything related to Hannibal is, and it brings back a lot of memories connected to the Red Dragon book and movie.

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Hannibal Not Coming Back Via Amazon or Netflix; Bryan Fuller Remains Hopeful

Yahoo!, maybe? Hulu?

It seems that two of the first saviors we all thought of when Hannibal was cancelled - Amazon or Netflix - aren't in the Hannibal-saving biddness.

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Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Contracts Expire Amidst Attempts to Save the Show


Fannibals have been scrambling to save Hannibal following the series' untimely cancellation last month, but Deadline reports that the show's possible future may now be further imperiled by contract changes.

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Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller: Talks in Progress on Saving the Show


Fannibals everywhere were distraught earlier this week to learn that NBC didn't have the guts to keep Hannibal going, but efforts by fans and crew alike to save the show have gone into full swing. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has some thoughts on their prospects, and they sound as promising as we could hope for at this point.

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Things We Saw Today: Go over My Helmet and Vote for This Spaceballs LEGO Set


Want Spaceballs LEGO to become a part of your reality? Head over to LEGO Ideas and vote!

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Fans Want to #SaveHannibal, Bryan Fuller Suggests Network Alternatives

So, NBC canceled Hannibal. What now? No, sending meat to NBC headquarters is not the answer. But a good ol' fan campaign might be in order!

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Grab Some Chianti: NBC’s Hannibal Has Been Canceled

I hear that TV exec brains are very tasty...

It's time to say goodbye. NBC just announced that Hannibal will not be renewed for a fourth season.

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Television’s Conversations with Masculinity

Masculinity is being explored and re-defined to fit a modern context, and TV is at the apex of this dialogue. In an age where gender roles are not as confining as they once were, men and women alike are trying to find where they fit on spectrum where once there were boxes.

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