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Gillian Anderson Fights, Flirts, Blows Stuff Up in Fan Trailer for Jane Bond

I want to believe.

*Mild spoilers for The Fall in the video above*

Last weekend, a crafty fan made a poster of Gillian Anderson as the next James Bond, which Anderson herself then shared on Twitter. The #NextBond poster was just the latest in a series of fan campaigns focused around the role of James Bond. From Idris Elba to Priyanka Chopra, there’s an obvious desire from many fans and some actors for women and people of color to take more of a central role in the Bond franchise.

007 is entirely overdue for more inclusivity, but unfortunately, I suspect the next iteration of the character will be played by Jamie Bell, or Tom Hiddleston, or some other white dude. But at least fans are working hard to remind people that Bond doesn’t always have to fit that mold, with projects like this trailer for “Jane Bond” by YouTuber Hannah Campbell.

The trailer features Gillian Anderson clips from The X-Files, Hannibal, and The Fall, and proves that just because you have a female James Bond, doesn’t mean you can’t have Bond girls. Or Bond girls and Bond guys. Speaking of The Fall, this trailer makes me think that in addition to an Idris Elba or Gillian Anderson James Bond, I also want epic, blockbuster franchises about Idris Elba’s Luther and Anderson’s Stella Gibson. I know I’d pay good money for that.

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