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Amanda’s Favorite Scene From Hannibal, Episode 2.8


Editor’s Note: Amanda’s mom told us that she’d make sure her daughter delivered her Hannibal commentary by Monday every week, and even with the excitement of Easter and all the easy distractions of bunnies and candy, Amanda honored her commitment. Who knew?

As always, spoilers lie beyond the jump, and you can see previous Hannibal illustrations here.


Just in time for Easter, we get an episode of Hannibal focused on rebirth. Of course, this being Hannibal, the concept of rebirth involves a bird sewn into a woman sewn into horse. It’s a murder turducken! Somewhat unbelievably, the bird is the only one that manages to live. How did that bird survive? How did it not suffocate? I guess it’s an Easter miracle, and Freddie Lounds is probably already plying that bird for a book deal.

I love how miracles on Hannibal happen in only the most horrifying of circumstances, and when I say “love” what I really mean is “OH GOD WHY GET IT OUT OF MY BRAIN.”

The real rebirth happening in this episode, though, is the that of the Season One format. We’re back to Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter running around and solving murders for a hundred years dot com. Although the the dynamic of Will and Hannibal has changed ever so slightly since those halcyon days, what with Will knowing that Hannibal is a killer and Hannibal knowing that Will knows and both of them pretending that everything is fine and they can go back to dimly-lit therapy sessions and wildly fancy dinner parties as if Hannibal never framed Will and Will never tried to have Hannibal killed. You know, as friends do.

Of course, it is pretty much all a ruse on Will’s end. What, did you think he and Jack were actually talking about fishing in that opening scene? The only fish they’re concerned about is the one who wears fancy suits, plays harpsichord unironically, and eats people. The line has been cast, friends, and it’s only a matter of time before we get to that amazing Jack/Hannibal beatdown teased in the opening of Episode 1.

Also noteworthy in this episode: We met Margot Verger, sister of Mason Verger, who is about to become very important. Still no word on what actually happened to Chilton (keep those prayer circles going). And of course we had that delightful image of this week’s killer busting through the belly of a horse, the poor, poor horses. What really matters, though, is Hannibal pet a sheep:

Hannibal Pets a Sheep

Wait a minute, he’s petting a lamb. AHHHH, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

Amanda LaPergola is a New York-based actor and writer.  She still leaves out carrots for the Easter bunny a long with a detailed questionnaire that has yet to be filled.  So you have regular human legs or big rabbit legs, Easter Bunny?  What are you not telling us?

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