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Garfield GO Is a Joke, Right? … Right?

Become immersed in a world of infinite Mondays.

After the breakout success of Pokémon GO last summer, the copycat reaction seemed remarkably restrained, though some certainly tried. As far as other notable brands trying to jump in with a clone game—whether because they understood the folly of trying or because of GO's own quick decline in popularity—we weren't really subjected to a major "me too" rush of clones. But now, we have Garfield Go.

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While the World Burns, the Internet Debates Garfield’s Gender

Here's one of those genuine internet mysteries that I know keeps me up at night: so just what is Garfield's gender?

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Minus Jon Plus Jon Is Garfield Minus Garfield With Dr. Jon Osterman

God is real and he hates Mondays.

Garfield Minus Garfield is so last decade, man. So Jon Arbuckle's a weirdo who lives alone and talks to himself. At least he's still a human being whose corporal essence adheres to the laws of physics and reality. Also he doesn't live on Mars, probably. That's why Minus Jon Plus Jon is a much better depicting of existential loneliness and angst.

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Family Circus Movie is Happening, Please Join Us in Praying for Death

The Family Circus, a cartoon known mostly for loving Jesus a whole lot and making the antics of surprisingly large dog Marmaduke seem edgy for the last thousand years, is getting its own movie. Before you ask, no, there is probably nothing you can do to stop it. The thing has been in development for a while, and now has actual writers, God have mercy on their souls. I think we can call this the official time of death on Hollywood having any decent or original ideas. In the interest of cribbing from old ideas that are actually good, it's time to take the whole industry out behind the barn and do the merciful thing. Why? Because Family Circus is the worst thing in the history of time. Not the worst newspaper strip. Not the worst work of art. The worst thing.

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Bill Murray Career Highlights in One Infographic

Sometimes, you have an annoying morning. Your credit card maxes out on a train ticket, your computer crashes twice before noon, you forget your lunch and have to buy one, right after being reminded that you have no money to spare at the moment. And then, you see this. Bill Murray. And pretty much all the things he has done to make you (aka "me") happy. With the exception of Garfield, but the man needs to work. I will not begrudge him Garfield. But the Shakespeare-reciting bum in the Saturday Night Live short "Perchance to Dream" (precursor to today's Digital Shorts) would have been nice, not to mention his turn in Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers. To say nothing of Bob! What about Bob?? But these will suffice. Thank you, Bill Murray, and thank you, Bill Murray Infographic. (Flavorwire via The Daily What)

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Garfield Creator Apologizes for “National Stupid Day” Comic Published on Veterans Day

The creator of the the universally-known Garfield comic strip, Jim Davis, released a statement today apologizing for a daily strip that looks like it called Veterans Day "National Stupid Day."

The Garfield comic strip appears in a daily format, and the strip that happened to be scheduled for today ends with the quote "Does anyone here know why we celebrate 'National Stupid Day'?" Oops. The joke was in reference to an ant a spider attempting to talk Garfield out of squishing it by saying if he gets squished, he'll become famous. (Beyond the spider's faulty logic, calling Garfield a "fat slob" probably wasn't a good idea.) Classic middling Garfield humor; kinda shocking if read as an allegory for military service, much less on Veterans Day.

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U.S. Acres, Garfield’s Lesser-Known Sister Cartoon, Is Back as a Webcomic

If you are a member of the younger generation and you've heard of U.S. Acres at all, you most likely know it as the cartoon about farm animals that played as part of the Garfield and Friends animated series opposite the regular Garfield cartoons, starring a pig named Orson, a rooster named Roy, a duck who always wore an inner tube which would sometimes get comedically deflated, and an egg with feet. What you might not know is that it was based on an actual comic strip by Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield. Less famous than Garfield, which Davis has written continuously since 1978, U.S. Acres ran for just three years, from 1986 to 1989. Now, it's back: In a recent USA Today column, Davis announced that he would be reviving U.S. Acres as a webcomic.

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10 Pitches for Newspaper Comic Movies that Really Should (or Shouldn’t) Be Made


Remember when they thought it would be a good idea to make a Dilbert animated series? They were wrong. Well now, according to I Watch Stuff, they think it would be a great idea to make a live-action (italicized for are-you-serious emphasis) feature film of Dilbert. Yeah, seriously. This announcement comes as everyone eagerly (?) awaits the release of Marmaduke.

So really, newspaper comic movies have not always been the best ideas or the most successful ventures. I'm looking at you here, Garfield. But there could definitely be some genuinely entertaining features based off our favorite daily funnies. So movie studio executives, I hope you're reading, because these pitches are going to blow your mind:

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