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Chris Pratt Attacks Us Again, Is Cast as Garfield

As an Italian, this feels personal.

Garfield the cat watching tv

Chris Pratt already has caused a stir online by daring to tackle the essence of a good Italian plumber named Mario. Now, it was announced that he will be voicing Garfield in a new animated movie. When will his attack on iconic Italian characters end? What next? Is he going to be the animated voice of Vinny Gambini in the cartoon version of My Cousin Vinny?

You might be thinking to yourself, “But Rachel, Garfield isn’t Italian,” and I counter that with facts about how Garfield’s love lasagna, his gruff nature, and lack of care makes him very much like my Sicilian family. So this is personal. For whatever reason, Chris Pratt continues to choose violence and will not rest until he’s ruined everything we once loved. If only we could have just kept Andy Dwyer and that era of Pratt alive for the rest of time. Now, we just have pain.

The orange cat who loves eating lasagna and watching TV is an icon. He hates Mondays, he doesn’t like doing things, and he is the true vibe of the last two years. Do you know who isn’t that vibe? Chris Pratt. Like, the devil works, hard but Chris Pratt’s agents work harder.

Twitter wants the madness to end

Much like when the Mario announcement happened, Twitter instantly started the jokes when the announcement came out. Mainly because this casting is somehow even worse than Mario, and that was bad. What makes you look at Garfield and look at Chris Pratt and think, “Yeah, they work together”? Because that truly could not be less of the truth.

Mondays really are the worst. The real Garfield knew that. This imposter, Chris Pratt, announcing this on a Monday? Not very Garfield at all.

(image: CBS)

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