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It’s Time to Ditch the Bad Boys of Romantic Comedy and Focus on the Good

I am a sucker for a good romantic comedy. Whether it's seeing two people fall in love or the wild antics that usually surround the main characters, I'm here for it.

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Things We Saw Today: Fifty Shades of Bumblebee Is the Trailer Mash-Up of Our Nightmares

Funny or Die is at it again.

Mr. Bee will see you now.

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Things We Saw Today: Please Don’t Watch the New Fifty Shades Freed Trailer

I promise I'm not trying to pull any kind of reverse psychology. You have better things to do with your precious time. Please do not watch the new trailer for the latest movie adapted from E.L. James' awful serial-numbers-filed-off Twilight fanfiction about people in an abusive relationship passed off as the height of romance.

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Things We Saw Today: Japanese Subway Levels Up Their Commute With Final Fantasy Victory Music

It's not like you've heard the Final Fantasy 7 victory fanfare enough in your life, right?

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How I Discovered the Quiet, Feminist Liberation of Erotic Fanfic

There is a safe space that fanfiction provides for autonomy and feminism through an exploration of kink and sensuality, dominated by the written word.

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Fifty Shades of Muppets Parody Is Way Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey

An admittedly low bar to clear.

We've got a new, actual Fifty Shades movie on the way in the not-too-distant future, but you could just watch this "Fifty Shades of Muppets" trailer for two hours instead. I promise that'd be way more fun, based on how painful the original movie was to get through.

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Now Presenting … the Fifty Shades Darker Trailer in its Cringe-Worthy Entirety

"I don't see how this can work."

In case you missed it, yesterday gave us a new poster and teaser for Fifty Shades Darker and now it looks like the full, glorious first trailer is here.

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TMS Dives Into Your First Look at Fifty Shades Darker

Like Degrassi, it goes there.

Buckle up, Mary Suevians. It’s time for another edition of “What? Really? Why? Nope. Just Stop,” Fifty Shades of Grey edition, volume two.

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Second-Hand Book Store Overrun With Donated Copies of Fifty Shades of Grey Resorts to Fortin’

I don't make love...I fort. Hard.

Oxfam second-hand shop Goldstone Books in Swansea, South Wales has been truly overrun recently with donated copies of books from E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

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Fifty Shades of Grey vs. Bound: When a Mockbuster Beats Its Original

Though relevant to the discussion, we're not here to discuss the pop culture effects of Twilight, nor are we really here to discuss the effects of Fifty Shades. No, we're here to discuss a film I discovered that puts the extremely regressive subtext (and, on occasion, text) of Fifty Shades in context—a weird little film called Bound.

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iZombie Recap: “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”

Ms. Moore (and KRISTEN BELL!) will see you now.

As you probably gathered from the title, the new iZombie brings all sorts of sex appeal. Including, you know, VERONICA MARS!

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Jupiter Ascending, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Fantastic Four Earn Razzie Nominations

One of those things is infinitely superior to the others.

I will defend Jupiter Ascending till my dying breath, but yeah, the rest of the nominees for the 2016 Razzie Awards certainly seem deserving of some razzing.

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Making Bad Tropes Empowering: An Interview With Author and Fifty Shades Critic Jenny Trout

Jenny Trout is a romance novel author who’s made a splash on the internet in recent years. She’s known for her books The Boss (written as Abigail Barnette), Such Sweet Sorrow, and Choosing You as well as her recaps of a certain well-known book series. Ms. Trout was kind enough to speak to us recently about how she got into writing, her thoughts on the romance genre today, and what originally inspired her to write recaps of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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The Next Two Fifty Shades Movies May Have a Male Writer and Director

The puckered love cave has new tenants.

Deadline reports that Universal may be close to choosing a new director to helm a sequel to its "saucy blockbuster."

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#AskELJames Live Chat Backfires Beautifully

Bring popcorn

Now that Grey is out, it seems like E.L. James is doing some publicity campaigns including a Twitter chat! Although James hasn't starting answering any questions, some amazing Twitter users have already started asking the important questions.

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Sofia Coppola Exits the Live-Action Little Mermaid over Creative Differences

Sea change.

Welp, it was nice while it lasted: human-maid Sofia Coppola has exited Universal's live-action The Little Mermaid over what Deadline describes as "creative differences."

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E.L. James To Release Grey, A Version of Fifty Shades Of Grey From Christian’s POV

Ish just got REAL, you guys.

You ever have one of those things that you conceive as a joke actually come into existence? For me, it started with the Double-Down sandwich from KFC. Some friends and I were joking around, and somehow I invented "a chicken sandwich that's just a piece of chicken between two other pieces of chicken." Like, A MONTH later, I see posters for the KFC Double-Down.

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Things We Saw Today: Gillian Anderson Keeping Hannibal VERY Close to Her Heart

If that's not love, we don't know what is!

We all got really excited when Gillian Anderson got cast as a series regular on Hannibal. Apparently, she's excited too! So excited, that she's keeping her Funko Hannibal figure very close to her heart. Awww.

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Jamie Dornan Admits to Following a Woman as Research for His Serial Killer Character on The Fall

This is not OK.

Trigger warning.

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Steven Moffat Calls Sherlock Season 4 “Bloody Frightening,” Sherlock Fanfic “Creative & Exciting”

Steven Moffat, teasing and cryptic? No! Never!

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