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Facebook Secretly Used 689,003 People for a Psychological Experiment [Updated]

...but I think I might be fine with it.

Facebook has been caught in a scandal after it was discovered that in 2012 they turned 689,003 users into unknowing participants in a psychological experiment. It's sneaky, arguably unethical, but surprisingly I think I'm actually on Facebook's side on this one.

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So Apparently You Can Get Coffee To Run Out Of Your Household Taps [VIDEO]

Because who wouldn't want to bathe in hot coffee on demand?

Okay, so it's probably easier to use your one-cup coffee maker - but wouldn't it be way cooler if you could run hot coffee out of your taps? These two fellows from the Norwegian show Ikke gjør dette hjemme ("Do Not Do This At Home") set their house up to do just that, and it seems pretty instantly delicious.

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Watch This Big Red Hot Ball of Nickel Melt Through a Bunch of Crayons Like Nothing [Video]

You could probably sell that block of wax for 40 bucks on Etsy.

Ever wanted to know what it looks like with a big ball of unbearable, unstoppable heat passes through a bunch of crayons? Well, the guy behind the carsandwater Youtube channel did just that for you. Although personally I'm pretty bummed that he didn't have more crayons, because this was a really cool thing to look at that.

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A Creepy, Fascinating Minecraft Metagame Experiment

Minecraft is a lot of things: A fun game that you can never quite fully quit, a shining beacon of the indie gaming industry, the epitome of a rags-to-riches story. Now, thanks to a fairly crazy experiment over on a particular Minecraft server, we can add "creepy psychological examination" to the list of things that Minecraft is.

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Mythbusters Experiment Goes Wrong, Cannonball Fires Through Two Houses, Lands in Minivan

Fans of half-science, half-explosion show Mythbusters show must wonder if anything ever goes wrong behind the scenes. A couple of families in Dublin, California found out that yes, they sure do. Reportedly testing to see how fast a cannonball would travel, rather than hit the designated targets -- barrels of water, a cinder block wall, and then land in the side of a nearby hill -- the cannonball blasted through two family homes ended its accidental trip landing inside a minivan.

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Guy Attempts to Survive Solely on His Wife's Breast Milk

When Curtis and Katie's newborn baby spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Katie formed a habit of pumping breast milk every two hours for fear it would dry up. Their second child went into the NICU, so Katie began the frequent pumping once again, eventually donating the excess milk once it was no longer needed. Katie got pregnant again after the second child, and once again, the baby had to head to the NICU, so she got to pumping yet again, but this time milk banks would not take the milk the couple attempted to donate for a variety of reasons, one of which being the medicines she was on at the time of pumping.

So, Curtis and Katie had a large freezer (pictured left) of frozen breast milk. The couple eventually had to move, and they found that transporting all of the saved milk would cost more than they were willing to pay. Rather than throw the milk away, Curtis decided he would drink the milk and see how long his body could survive on only the breast milk. Naturally, the couple is blogging the experience, with the third day's blog post currently sitting atop the blog, entitled "Day 3 and no BMs."

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