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Watch This Big Red Hot Ball of Nickel Melt Through a Bunch of Crayons Like Nothing [Video]

You could probably sell that block of wax for 40 bucks on Etsy.

Ever wanted to know what it looks like with a big ball of unbearable, unstoppable heat passes through a bunch of crayons? Well, the guy behind the carsandwater Youtube channel did just that for you. Although personally I’m pretty bummed that he didn’t have more crayons, because this was a really cool thing to look at that.

A word of caution regarding the end of that video — apparently carsandwater did not know this, but combining flaming wax and cold water is a real great way to cause yourself a lot of harm. The water instantly boils and starts spewing the wax all over the place, as you saw. Don’t do that at home.

(Youtube via Laughing Squid)

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