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Mythbusters Experiment Goes Wrong, Cannonball Fires Through Two Houses, Lands in Minivan

Fans of half-science, half-explosion show Mythbusters show must wonder if anything ever goes wrong behind the scenes. A couple of families in Dublin, California found out that yes, they sure do. Reportedly testing to see how fast a cannonball would travel, rather than hit the designated targets — barrels of water, a cinder block wall, and then land in the side of a nearby hill — the cannonball blasted through two family homes ended its accidental trip landing inside a minivan.

The cannonball blasted through the front door of a home, then reportedly bounced around inside before exiting through the back of a second story bedroom wall. Then, not yet content with its journey, the cannonball traveled around 50 yards, crashing through another home, destroying roof tiles, before landing inside a minivan.

Officials claimed that the Mythbusters have been using the firing range from which the cannonball originated for the last eight years for similar experiments, but this was the first time something so severe went wrong.

It wasn’t that the cannonball entirely missed the initial targets either, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The 6-inch cannonball missed the water barrels, but went right through the cinder block wall, and bounced off the targeted hillside, which led to the projectile entering the neighborhood. Interestingly, the family inside the first home through which the cannonball traveled slept through the whole thing, only to wake later due to plaster dust.

Luckily, no one was injured, except maybe the pride of two television hosts.

(via CBS Los Angeles, San Francisco Chronicle)

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