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Someone Modded Matt the Radar Technician Into Star Wars: Battlefront II

Now that Star Wars: Battlefront II has given players the ability to mod characters, one blessed internet genius has created a skin which transforms Kylo Ren into his alter ego/disguise, Matt the Radar Technician.

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Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Boxes Are Bringing Legislative Action Down on “Predatory” Micro-Transactions

After the resounding unpopularity of the micro-transaction system in Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts may have taken a step back to reassess things, but lawmakers seem poised to make the decision for them. Belgium's government has reached the conclusion that the boxes are gambling and must be banned, and U.S. lawmakers are trying to push our country in the same direction.

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EA’s Response to Star Wars Battlefront II Monetization Backlash Is the Most Unpopular Reddit Comment Ever

Star Wars Battlefront II is out in early access, and the state of its loot crate system and locked "heroes" at launch has angered a ton of players—enough to make developer/publisher EA's response to that ire the most downvoted reddit comment in history.

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Watch Live as TMS Plays the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta!

Welcome, Mary Sue readers! We're taking the Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer beta for a spin this evening!

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Mass Effect Appeared in a Fan-Made Trump Campaign Ad, and EA Isn’t Having It

Mass elect?

Say what you want about EA Games; we're just going to go ahead and mark this one down in the win column. A Donald Trump campaign ad made by a fan (yes, he has those) featured some assets from Mass Effect, and EA is shutting that nonsense down.

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EA Explains Why Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Expand Outside the Original Trilogy

Fire the canon!

Canon is a weird, loosely defined thing in fiction—unless you're talking about the Star Wars universe, because Lucasfilm has a "story group" dedicated to keeping Star Wars canon locked down, which mostly involved throwing out the entire expanded universe. Now, that pesky canon cannon is shooting down hopes of Star Wars Battlefront content outside the scope of the game's current setting.

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The Next Star Wars Game Could Be an Open World RPG

MORE Star Wars games? Take my money.

It's all but confirmed at this point: we're getting another Star Wars game. In a job listing for a senior game designer posted through EA developer Visceral Games, more information has been revealed about the next title.

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Things We Saw Today: This Sweet Star Wars Dress Was Made From Old Bedsheets

Still have your old Star Wars bedsheets? Jen Vetere made a gorgeous dress for herself and a bowling shirt (with a Boba Fett back panel) for her husband by recycling his old sheets and they both look amazing!

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Weekend Getaway: Mirror’s Edge

Featuring games you can finish in one weekend!

If you’re anything like me, then in your heart of hearts you hold two absolute truths: parkour is the coolest thing ever, and parkour is the scariest thing ever. As much as I love the thought of scaling walls and vaulting rooftops, I have almost no doubt that I would die. Quickly. Luckily, Mirror’s Edge from EA lets players experience being a parkour badass without falling 20 stories to their deaths.

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[UPDATED] EA’s Peter Moore Unhappy With Twitter’s Handling of Harassment Just Like the Rest of Us

EA Games' Peter Moore probably isn't surprised that he gets some hate as the COO of one of the biggest video game companies around. But that doesn't mean he has to just sit back and take it, and he's not too happy that Twitter seems to think he should.

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Ever Wanted to Watch NFL Players Dancing to Evanescence and Iron Maiden? Now You Can

Whoooo's ready for some goth rock???

No doubt you've probably seen many of the often surreal GIFs that come out of the Madden Giferator, a marketing campaign by EA for the latest Madden 15 that allows you to add your own text to looping images of the game's players. Now intrepid internet users are stating to make music videos out of the GIFs, and the songs they've picked so far are nothing short of genius.

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Top Game Companies Nintendo, Sony, EA Drop Support for SOPA

A recent update to the Judiciary Committee's list of top supporters for the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, more commonly known as SOPA or "that horrible law in congress," suggests that alliances may be shifting behind the scenes. The refreshed list shows that top game makers Nintendo, Sony, and EA have dropped their support the law.

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Barack Obama and Sarah Palin Are Both Playable Characters in NBA Jam

EA Sports' rebooted NBA Jam hits stores today, and the company has revealed that it'll be continuing one of the popular basketball gaming franchise's long-standing traditions: Playable politicians. On the Republican side, you'll be able to suit up as George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Dick Cheney; meanwhile, there'll also be a Democratic roster of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore. Will these politicians be able to dunk? You bet they will. And they'll bring their "dunk faces."

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