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Someone Modded Matt the Radar Technician Into Star Wars: Battlefront II


Thank goodness for those hard-working “real folks.”

Now that Star Wars Battlefront II has given players the ability to mod characters, one blessed internet genius has created a skin which transforms Kylo Ren into his alter ego/piss-poor disguise, Matt the Radar Technician. The skin reportedly only works in Arcade mode, but it’s still gloriously ridiculous.

“Matt” became famous from the 2016 Saturday Night Live skit, “Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base,” in which Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver) goes undercover as “Matt the Radar Technician” in a parody of the popular reality show. Driver absolutely killed it in this skit, portraying Kylo as the least well-disguised boss in history and making it instantly meme-able. For those few of you left on the internet who haven’t yet seen it yet, you can watch below. And for those of you who’ve already seen it, you can relive the joy.

Players have also seized on Battlefront II‘s modding capabilities to add a pink Darth Vader, after Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen rather infamously said players shouldn’t have such an option. Jorgensen was speaking about possible microtransactions in Battlefront II – a topic that’s become quite a sore spot in the game, as legal and consumer-backlash challenges to EA’s practices open up. He emphasized that they didn’t want all of the game’s microtransactions to be cosmetic. “If you did a bunch of cosmetic things, you might start to violate the canon [of Star Wars],” he said. “Darth Vader in white probably doesn’t make sense, versus in black. Not to mention you probably don’t want Darth Vader in pink. No offense to pink, but I don’t think that’s right in the canon.”

Now, I hate to break it to Electronic Arts, but this is the age of the internet. It’s pink Vaders and Matt the Radar Technicians from here on out.

(Via EpicStream; image: NBC Television)

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