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Sega Is Looking Into HD Shenmue Remakes

The Dreamcast is too often remembered as the hardware flop that turned Sega into a strictly software company (for home purposes, anyway) and not often enough as a decent system with some memorable games. One of its biggest stars was Shenmue, and while sequels to continue the story of that sprawling experience have faced their own share of troubles, fans have also been wondering if the original would ever get the HD remake treatment.

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“Project Dream” Crowd-Funds a Follow-Up For the SEGA Dreamcast

Apparently, there is a Dreamcast 2 in the works, at least in some form; it's called "Project Dream," and their website looks pretty mysterious right now, but the team plans to launch a crowd-funding campaign soon.

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6 Awesome Facts About the Dreamcast, As Told Through Beautiful Stop-Motion

Seeing it slowly pulled apart like that is making us sad.

Oh, Dreamcast, you magnificently misunderstood machine. Perhaps you were just too beautiful for your time, but we're still fascinated by you. So is Vsauce, apparently because they've just released this lovely animation the reveals the Dreamcast's inner workings and six interesting facts. Take a look!

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What If Nintendo Released A System And Not Even They Cared?

Nintendo releases new Wii U details We've known about the Wii U for a while now, but it's been hard to get excited about it because of a lack of details about what the system will be capable of when it's released on Sunday. Nintendo just released a new 14 minute video outlining a lot of details, and well, we're still not that excited.

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Finally! Dreamcast Lives On in PS3 and Xbox 360

It's still thinking, and we're very excited. Sega of America and Sega of Europe have happily made a joint announcement stating that the Dreamcast, that oh-so-beloved console released on 9/9/99 (and died a year and a half later), will see new life on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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