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Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt Goes Head to Head With Kid on Dinosaur Trivia, Defeated by Knowledge & Cuteness


Many GIFs need to be made of this video from The Ellen Show in which Jurassic World star Chris Pratt goes up against Noah “Apparently Kid” Ritter. Pratt, you never stood a chance.

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Things We Saw Today: The Minions Now Have Their Very Own Paint Color

*Excited muttering*

Clap your hands if you've finally found your ideal shade! The Pantone Color Institute has created its first new color in three years, inspired by the Minions of Despicable Me fame and a suggestion from Pharrell. Anyone else having The Yellow Wallpaper flashbacks?

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New Jurassic World Images Feature Dino-On-Shark Chomping; Bryce Dallas Howard’s Character Reportedly “Ellen Ripley-Like”

Jurassic World: Safety not guaranteed.

"There’s a ride at the park that allows you to get into a gyroscopic sphere and be out in the wild with dinosaurs and travel beneath them—and that goes horribly wrong. Imagine being inside a sphere and then suddenly it breaks and you’re rolling like a cat with a ball of yarn."

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Childhood Validated: New Study Says Brontosaurus Existed After All

Tree stars for everyone!

A wide-ranging computer analysis of available dinosaur bones reached one of the most important paleontological conclusions of our time: the Brontosaurus is real, and the Apatosaurus can just deal with it. Brb—there are a bunch of Wikipedia entries I need to change to: "In your face!"

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Grasp Your Posteriors, Jurassic World Has Finally Revealed More of its Dinos

A gallery several months in the making.

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Why Didn’t They Make Batman Riding a Robot T-rex Toys When I Was a Kid?

Not that age is a thing which would stop me from purchasing it...

Excuse me, "Batman riding a robot T-rex which is also a jail for bad guys toys."

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Things We Saw Today: Samuel L. Jackson on What Marvel Gets That DC Doesn’t

Hey, we didn't make it about Marvel vs. DC this time.

Short answer: Samuel L. Jackson. Marvel gets that people love Samuel L. Jackson.

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Hold Onto Your Blunts: New Study Shows Dinosaurs May Have Gotten High on Psychedelic Fungus

Well, they're all literal stoners now.

They've figured out how to open doors. Doors to your mind, maaaaaan.

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Vincent D’Onofrio is Not the Hybrid Dinosaur of Jurassic World, But He Should Be

Masrani Security Initiative... initiative... Dharma Initiative... OH MY GOD WE HAVE TO GO BACK, KATE!

Did we know Vincent D’Onofrio was in Jurassic World? If we did, I forgot. Either way, I'm very happy now!

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Jurassic World‘s Genetically Modified “Indominus Rex” Revealed, and It’s One Terrifying Clever Girl

One Rex to rule them all.

We caught a glimpse of its feet and seemingly opposable thumbs in the Jurassic World trailer, but the official site has finally given us the dinosaur reveal we've all been waiting for!

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Jurassic Sweet Illustrations: Half Dinosaur, Half Dessert

Depends what kind of doughnut they cooked up in that lab.

We might not know exactly what Jurassic World's genetically-enhanced dinos look like yet, but odds are they won't be nearly as adorable as illustrator Alejo Malia's "Jurassic Sweet" creatures. Hold onto your bundts!

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Tiny Child Paleontologist Knows More About Dinosaurs Than You and Shares His Wisdom

I want to be this kid when I grow up.

This kid is not going to be impressed by Jurassic World's featherless dinosaurs.

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The Mary Sue Holiday Gift Guide, Part 4: Stuff & Things!

You'll have to supply your own disapproving look at Lori, though.

Face it, nerds love stuff. Memorabilia, merchandise, collectibles, what have you—if we can display it proudly in a glass case in our living room, most of us are pretty happy. Here's a bunch of neat plushies, figures, and other odds and ends (some of them are even practical!) for the collectors and enthusiasts in your life. And don't forget to check out Part 1: Books, Part 2: Movies & TV, and Part 3: Gaming & Tech!

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Don’t Worry About Great White Sharks, Jurassic World’s Director Talks Feeding Time & Raptor Gangs

Hang in there.


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Things We Saw Today: Actual Superhero With Mini Version Of Himself OH GOSH

We love you, Anthony Mackie.

Is there anyone who loves being a superhero more than Anthony Mackie? Bless. (via Twitter)

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Things We Saw Today: LeVar Purrton as Geordi La Furge

"But don't take my purr for it!"

Not pictured: Data the robotic Starfleet cat, and Spot the Human.

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ThinkGeek Is Selling Dinosaur Bone Fragments and the Vertebrate Paleontology Community Is Maaaaad

Because capitalism and dinosaurs go great together!

If you've ever wanted to own your very own piece of a dinosaur bone, then ThinkGeek has just the product for you! You know—if you also want a whole bunch of dinosaur bone specialists to be very upset with you, that is. Apparently buying these kinds of bone fragments is a double-plus-ungood, and ThinkGeek's now facing heat from the scientific community for making them available for purchase.

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Say Hello to Deinocheirus Mirificus, AKA the Weirdest Dinosaur Ever Discovered

Hold on to your butts—oh, wait. I guess you can't.

Just wait until you see it move.

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Things We Saw Today: A Tyrannosaurus Rex Showerhead

Bathe in ancient lizard vomit.

3D printers... find a way.

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Things We Saw Today: 3D Cake Molds, Uh, Find A Way

Hold onto your bundts!

Every $16 silicon dinosaur cake mold will get you a t-rex, a brontosaurus, a stegosaurus, and the limitless pleasure of playing God.

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