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Monday Cute: This Triceratops Holds Tacos and That’s All You Need to Know

Dr. Ian Malcolm not included, sadly.


If you try to tell me this isn’t cute enough for Monday Cute I will fight you because this triceratops is friggin’ adorable. It has space to hold not one but two tacos, so that your hands are free to sip your drink and you can sit back and admire the fact that a dinosaur is keeping your tacos safe and snug.

triceratops-taco-holder-3The dino is made by a company called KidsFunWares which implies that it might have originally been produced with children in mind but you’ll have to tear this triceraTACO from my cold dead grown-up hands. I know I’m not the only one, as it has been turning up on geek-friendly blogs from Geekologie to Fashionably Geek, which asks of our green reptilian helper: “Has science gone too far?”


“Kids love dinosaurs, and kids love tacos,” is the simple yet ingenious sales pitch on the Amazon page where you can buy a triceraTACO of your own for $12.95.

I also love dinosaurs and I love tacos, so I’m sold. I also love the Internet. On the Amazon page, interested customers are asking the hard-hitting questions:


(via Geekologie, Amazon, image: KidsFunWares)

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