Everyone Please Go Tell Google That Dinosaurs Aren’t a Ploy to Indoctrinate Children FFS (Seriously. Please.)

Did you mean, "What happened to education?"

For real. If you go on Google, as of this writing, and search “what happened to the dinosaurs,” the top result that comes up is from Answers in Genesis and asserts that dinosaurs are used to indoctrinate children with the crazy idea that the Earth has been around longer than some thousands of years. Luckily, there’s a feedback button to let Google know how you feel about the results. I look forward to your creativity there.

I’m sure this is just an honest mistake on Google’s end, and when you click the feedback button, you can let them in on it by telling them that it’s “awesome,” “incorrect,” or “not useful,” though I personally recommend “something else,” as that’s certainly the most accurate—and it’ll also let you tell them exactly why.

Here’s what the search turned up for me:

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 1.47.13 PM

Won’t someone think of the children!?


And my planned response:

“Hello, my name is Thomas “T” Rex, and I’m horrified at the suggestion that the Earth has only been around for a few thousand years and dinosaurs as we know them are a sham. You’ve deeply offended the illuminati lizard people in the name of our great ancestors. Please know that I’ll be switching to Bing, AKA the dinosaur-friendly search engine*. Good DAY.”

*The same search on Bing also returned Answers in Genesis first—without even an option to tell them how absurd that is. EDIT: Not true! There IS a feedback button at the bottom of Bing’s search page if you scroll down, and it lets you select the part of the search page you’d like to leave feedback on! Thanks, Andrew Norris, true hero.

(Del Patrick via Phil Plait on Twitter)

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