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Hasbro Rewrites Canon for Its Toys, Decides All Jurassic World‘s Dinos Are Dudes

Hold onto your butts intractable gender biases.


This lady is not amused.

I’m not surprised that Hasbro is misgendering Jurassic World‘s dinos–just disappointed. Sexism, uh, finds a way.

Here, from Hasbro’s website, is the toy description for the “Blue” velociraptor figurine:

Clever as ever, Jurassic World’s velociraptors are masterful hunters. And this awesome figure looks just like Velociraptor “Blue”! He’s ready to team up with his fellow Velociraptors (other figures sold separately) to hunt the ultimate predator! His slashing claws and growling attack will destroy anything in his way. Let the hunt begin with your Velociraptor “Blue” figure!

Clever as ever what, though? To quote io9, it’s not “clever bro.”


Hasbro’s Pachycephalosaurus, AnkylosaurusT-Rex and other dino figurines are also all referred to as “he.”

Given the ongoing erasure of female characters in nearly all merchandise based off major franchises, it’s unsurprising that Hasbro has followed suit by gender-swapping Jurassic World‘s dinos; especially since “attacking,” “growling,” “destroying,” and being the “ultimate predator” are unfortunately seen as traditionally masculine traits. Canon be damned, there are toys to sell and toxic gender biases to perpetuate!

On the plus side, I doubt Hasbro’s fear of representing female fans will actually hinder any little kids out there looking for an Indominus Rex of their own; unlike Black Widow fans, Jurassic World’s audience has the opportunity to ignore merchandisers’ pathetic fear of femininity and get their raptor on regardless.

If anything, Hasbro’s stubborn misgendering is just an indication of how far we really are from girls inheriting the toys they deserve. ‘Cause Isla Nublar is a matriarchy, y’all, whether advertisers want to admit it or not. Hahahrawrrahaha.

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