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The Cast and Creators of Swamp Thing Discuss the Humanity and Horror of the Series

DC Universe's Swamp Thing is one of its strongest entries yet.

While we'll have a review for you later this week, suffice it to say that Swamp Thing is stylish and spooky horror series that may very well be DC Universe's best show yet.

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This New Swamp Thing Trailer Has Us Wondering: Is Swamp Thing Going to Get Some?

Is Swamp Thing going to f-ck? The Mary Sue investigates.

It sure seems like Abby and Swamp Thing are going to do the monster mash.

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DC Universe’s Titans’ Biggest Misstep Was How Wrong It Got Raven

Of all of the poorly represented characters in DC Universe's live-action Titans series, the most infuriating is Raven.

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Young Justice: Outsiders Is Too Good Not to Step up on LGBTQ+ Representation

Young Justice: Outsiders is just too good of a show for this lack of representation.

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Genderqueer, Deaf Actor & Activist Chella Man Cast as Jericho for DC Universe’s Titans

In the role of Jericho is Chella Man a Jewish/Chinese-American actor who is deaf, genderqueer and a queer artist/model.

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The Extended Doom Patrol Trailer Invites Us to Meet the Team

Everybody gets a backstory in this new look at DC Universe's next show.

Oh, and there's a talking cockroach.

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Things We Saw Today: Doom Patrol Gets a New Trailer With Alan Tudyk

Plus Aretha Franklin, the Terminator, and more!

This show is going to be a trip.

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DC Universe Continues to Add Content, but Do They Have the Subscribers to Support It?

So how is the DCEU faring against other streaming services?

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We Have to Do Better With These Reactions to Cyborg From Doom Patrol

There have been mixed reactions to Cyborg's costume in Doom Patrol but we need to learn to be more constructive about how we structure these criticisms.

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Titans Ends First Season With Big Character Reveal

Spoilers for the season finale of DC Universe's Titans.

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DC Universe’s Doom Patrol Trailer Is Pretty Darn Cute

Diane Guerrero's beauty is more than enough to make me tune into anything.

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Why Jason Todd Is The Most Important Robin

He maybe the second boy wonder, but Jason Todd's legacy for the Batman Universe is very important to understanding the complexity of Bruce Wayne's mission.

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Top Five Alan Tudyk Performances Because We Deserve Nice Things

Nothing but respect for our ginger nerd prince.

Alan Tudyk has joined the cast of DC Universe's upcoming animated series Harley Quinn, where he will be voicing The Joker.

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Stop Casting White Dudes as Bane [Updated w/ Bane Co-Creator Confirming Character is Latino]

People have a lot of thoughts about Shane West and the costume design of Bane, but my biggest eyebrow raise is why is Bane being played by a white dude?

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The Trash Marketing for Titans Was Unfair to the Show and Viewers

Alright, give me your crow, because I enjoyed Titans, but it certainly didn't put its best foot forward in highlighting the things that were great about the show in marketing.

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Review: DC Universe’s Titans: All Dark. No Knights.

The Titans trailer got the internet’s attention for sure, but it also gave a very good idea of the sort of show Titans wants to be: dark, adult, shocking, and in no way beholden to the Batmans of the past. Having now seen three episodes, I can say Titans is all those things … but that’s not necessarily a compliment.

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It’s #BatmanDay and DC Universe Gives us a Sneak Peek at Dueling Robins in Titans

When Dick met Jason.

Dick Grayson and Jason Todd cross paths in the new teaser for DC Universe's Titans.

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Titans Releases Team Photo, Terrible Costumes Still Terrible

Our first look at DC Universe's Titans in a group/team photo. Yay?

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Timothy Dalton and Brendan Fraser to Star in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol

I am weirdly excited for this show.

The series has cast Timothy Dalton (Penny Dreadful) as Dr. Niles "The Chief" Caulder, the paraplegic genius doctor and inventor who assembles the team of outcasts that form the Doom Patrol.

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Titans Reveals First Official Images of Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy

Titans gives us some high-quality images of our team, and yes, Starfire is still in that costume.

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