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So What’s Happening With ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2?

In the words of the band Staind, it’s been a while … since we’ve heard about Peacemaker. The John Cena-fronted anti-hero series from mastermind James Gunn was a smash hit for Max, yet it took a while for us to even know whether or not the show would come back. With Gunn now in charge of things over in the world of DC, it is less surprising that a second season of Peacemaker is on the horizon. Still, between the WGA strike (which has been resolved) and the SAG-AFTRA strike (which is still going strong), Hollywood has been at a standstill.

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There hasn’t been much news about some of our favorite shows, and many creatives haven’t been able to update fans on their work because they haven’t been able to work due to the greed of the studios. Now that the writers are back to work, some are updating us on their various projects. Like James Gunn, who took to social media to give us some news on what Peacemaker is up to in season 2.

Gunn posted a throwback video of John Cena on the set of season 1 playing Queen on the piano—just a nice reminder of the work that the cast and crew did together and how much fun they had. There were plenty of videos of the Peacemaker cast all celebrating together, enjoying themselves, and clearly having fun on set, and this video is just one of those.

One fan responded to the post with “SEASON 2 PLEASE,” to which James Gunn replied, “Writing it now.” Season 2’s production hinges on the SAG-AFTRA deal.

It’s exciting to know that Gunn is back at work on season 2 of Peacemaker. That doesn’t mean we have information on when we’ll return to the life of Chris Smith. The show gave us a new way of looking at the character, a “deranged vigilante” who is often depicted as a caricature, but we got to see a different take on him through Gunn’s lens.

After The Suicide Squad, I did not want to even watch the series because I didn’t like Peacemaker in the movie, but there is something special about the show. There is a humanity to Chris Smith that shocked so many of us and proved that Gunn understood the characters of DC comics in a way that gave us hope for the future of his universe. Right now, the AMPTP needs to listen to what the members of SAG-AFTRA need and bring an end the strike. Then we can worry about what Peacemaker is up to.

For now, we know that James Gunn is writing season 2 of Peacemaker and that’s enough for me.

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