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Dear North Americans: Don’t Set Your Clocks Back This Weekend

Well, you can, but you'll just be really confused for a week.

Even though we've been living this way for the past 6 years, it seems some people are confused about when Daylight Saving Time starts in North America. See, it's different, depending on what side of the Pond you live on - so ignore your British friends, and remember: we don't set our clocks back until next weekend.

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Apple Paid a Cool $21 Million to License the Clock Design They Stole

As some might recall, part of Apple's move to iOS 6 included a new clock design. Unfortunately for them, this clock design was suspiciously similar to the one used by Swiss national rail company SBB. They knew it, and SBB knew it. Everyone that even so much as glanced at the two designs knew it. So, like usual, Apple settled with SBB for an undisclosed sum in order to license the design. How much is a clock design worth? Well, when you're licensing it after the fact, it looks like a clock design is worth around $21 million.

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Apple Signs Licensing Agreement With Swiss Rail Company, Proves It’s Better to Beg Forgiveness

As we've previously reported, Apple's iOS 6 update included a new clock design that was suspiciously similar to the one used by the Swiss national rail company SBB. So similar, in fact, that SBB was pretty upset that Apple went ahead and used it without contacting them. Proving that it actually is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, SBB and Apple have now signed a licensing agreement for an undisclosed amount. Lovely.

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Swiss Rail Company Accuses Apple of Clock Copying, Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

The world of copyright and licensing is one full of convoluted oddities. Apple's no stranger to this habitat, as they've happily shown in the past, but it's unusual for the company to actually be on the defensive. They're almost always the aggressor in such cases, but their recent clock app design upgrade in iOS 6 may have landed them in the hot seat with Switzerland's national rail company.

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DIY Laser Clock Makes a Salad Bowl a Cool Wall Fixture

Analog clocks are boring. For that matter, so are digital clocks. So what's a person who likes to occasionally know what time it is to do? Build an unconventional clock out of some lasers and a salad bowl, that's what. After all, lasers are just cool. It makes for a neat mix of analog and digital. Like digital, the hours and the minutes are completely separated. Like analog, you've got "hands" that slowly cover ground. Also, it has lasers. Did I mention that part?

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Handmade Mario Clock with Goomba Pendulum Makes a Faux Pas

At a glance, this 8-bit Mario clock seems pretty cool, it has a Goomba pendulum that swings back and forth like a pendulum should, simulating Mario jumping over it. Upon further inspection, I mean, go ahead and inspect it further. The Goomba sure looks like it is doubling as something else. Other than that, the clock is pretty sweet, and what do you know, you can shell out $60 (an extra $10 for shipping) and buy it off purveyor of weird things, Etsy. Hurry up though, as of this post, there is only one left!

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Hone Hone Clock Dances The Time Away, Literally

When it comes to innovative clocks, the Hone Hone clock is the first one I've seen that is both awesome and possible to understand at a glance. You can probably kind of tell from the image, but the way it works is that the figure in the mask there contorts itself to form the shape of the numbers as they tick by, resulting in a weird sort of dance that is as mesmerizing as it is legible. Hop over to the site proper to check it out. Also, there's a fun little bug exploit. If you load up the page in a new tab, switch away from it, and go back a little bit later, they dancers will speed up for a bit to try and catch up to where they should be. At least they do in Google Chrome, for me. It's pretty awesome though. You should at least try it.

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Insect Clock Hybrids Are Creepily Wonderful

Artist Mike Libby has created the unique Insect Lab Studio, where he remixes real insect specimens with antique watch parts and other electric components. Libby's creations aren't intended to actually work as electronic devices, but he says they are meant to seem as though they could. According to Libby, the creatures meld science fiction with fact to celebration the inherent contradictions between nature and technology. Each piece is hand made and one of a kind. Libby's sculptures, in addition to prints, are available for purchase on his website, provided you aren't completely creeped out by the idea of dead insects retrofitted with clock parts. Check out more of his clockwork insects after the jump.

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Better Get Them to a Doctor Because These Aircraft Indicator Clocks are Sick

Over the past four years, Sine1040 has been tinkering with four aircraft "Indicator Units" from Rank Precision Ind. Ltd.. Produced sometime in the 1970s, the function of these aircraft indicator units remains unclear, but that really doesn't matter since Sine1040 had a higher purpose in mind for these devices. From the four, Sine1040 found that there were enough parts to make three amazing clocks, which I didn't realize I needed until I saw them today. The time is read out with a projector-style digital display at the top. The "heading" indicator bobs back and forth counting out seconds, while the "rate" indicator completes a sweep once a minute. Sine1040 was keen to keep outside modifications to a minimum, so the knobs and switches are (somehow) used to set the clock. I know that I'm completely smitten, and yet I still wonder what their original function was. If anyone has experience with '70s era aircraft technology, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Everyone else, should just look below for a video of the clocks in action.

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Manifold Clock [Video]

Studio Ve made this neat manifold clock where the hands are connected by what is essentially a hand-held fan. It's like Time is doing a fan dance.

(Studio Ve via Core77 via Make via Neatorama)

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Clock Tells Time Everywhere in the World at Once With a Single Spiraling Arm

The Bent Hands clock by Giha Woo and Shingoeun elegantly solves the problem of telling time in every time zone at once without confusing conversion tables or ostentatious multiple faces: A single spiraling arm sweeps through every zone, telling you what hour it is.

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