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Hone Hone Clock Dances The Time Away, Literally

When it comes to innovative clocks, the Hone Hone clock is the first one I’ve seen that is both awesome and possible to understand at a glance. You can probably kind of tell from the image, but the way it works is that the figure in the mask there contorts itself to form the shape of the numbers as they tick by, resulting in a weird sort of dance that is as mesmerizing as it is legible. Hop over to the site proper to check it out. Also, there’s a fun little bug exploit. If you load up the page in a new tab, switch away from it, and go back a little bit later, they dancers will speed up for a bit to try and catch up to where they should be. At least they do in Google Chrome, for me. It’s pretty awesome though. You should at least try it.

(via The Next Web)

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