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Better Get Them to a Doctor Because These Aircraft Indicator Clocks are Sick

Over the past four years, Sine1040 has been tinkering with four aircraft “Indicator Units” from Rank Precision Ind. Ltd.. Produced sometime in the 1970s, the function of these aircraft indicator units remains unclear, but that really doesn’t matter since Sine1040 had a higher purpose in mind for these devices. From the four, Sine1040 found that there were enough parts to make three amazing clocks, which I didn’t realize I needed until I saw them today.

The time is read out with a projector-style digital display at the top. The “heading” indicator bobs back and forth counting out seconds, while the “rate” indicator completes a sweep once a minute. Sine1040 was keen to keep outside modifications to a minimum, so the knobs and switches are (somehow) used to set the clock.

I know that I’m completely smitten, and yet I still wonder what their original function was. If anyone has experience with ’70s era aircraft technology, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Everyone else should just look below for a video of the clocks in action.

(Tube Clock Database via Hackaday)

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