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Olivia Munn and “Appropriating Nerd Culture”

Oh, good. I was wondering when someone would haul out the "fake geek girl" meme again.

The Internet took Bleszinski's choice of phrase and ran with it, using it ironically--because there really is no such thing as "appropriating nerd culture".

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Cliff Bleszinski Becomes the Voice of Reason, Writes Open Letter to Phil Fish

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Whether passionately or begrudgingly, most folks invested in the world of video games have been following the tale of Phil Fish and his resignation from the industry. It figures that someone would try and convince him into keep making games. Little did anyone suspect that that person would be Cliff Bleszinski, creator of the ultraviolent Gears of War.

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Your Used Games Are Killing the Game Industry Because They’re Actually Affordable

How dare you not buy every game at full price the exact moment it's released? You should feel bad.

Despite the popularity of the Gears of War series, game designer Cliff Bleszinski isn't particularly well known for his ability to embrace the gaming culture that exists outside the industry's interests. That's probably why he recently sent out a series of tweets backing XBox One's decision to make reselling used games a thing of the past. According to him, that's the only way to save the $60 game model -- and the entire gaming industry as a result -- from collapsing. Yes, because it's not the industry's fault for making games so expensive, it's your fault for not being able to afford them at the full retail price. Silly you, choosing to spend that money on food or rent!

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Things We Saw Today: New The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Set Photo

Things We Saw Today

Here's a new The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set photo. (Collider)

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CliffyB Leaves Epic Games, Probably Wants Time to Chill and Generally Bro Out

Cliff Bleszinski, self-proclaimed Tony Stark of the video games industry and better known to the world as CliffyB, has left Epic Games after 20 years of hard work. Bleszinski is known for his influence on and recent association with the Gears of War games, but his biggest accomplishment is likely the establishment of the Unreal franchise. Now that both he and the BioWare co-founders are out of the picture, it looks like it might be time for someone else to step up to the mic.

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Portal Turret in Real Life Sings, Has Laser, is Motion-Activated [Video]

Previously, someone made a motion-activated plush Portal turret, and it was adorable. Do-it-yourselfer Ryan Palser took the turret-creation a step further and recreated it to be as lifelike as possible. He added the red sensor laser, got the turret to say most of its catchphrases when activated by motion, and also gave the turret the ability to sing "Still Alive," the anthem from the first Portal.

Interestingly, Palser has only made two of the turrets to date, one of which was purchased by none other than Cliff Bleszinski, noted developer of video games featuring big biceps and big guns. Cliffy B did not disclose how much he paid for the turret, but he did post a picture of it, in a very, uh, Cliffy B kind of fashion. Palser's DIY turret is fairly awesome, but the regular turret isn't our favorite Portal turret anymore. It seems someone has to add a new creation to his DIY To Do list, but no hard feelings if he doesn't.

(via GamesRadar)

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