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Interview: Ali Vingiano on Pushing Longform Content on Buzzfeed and Tearing Down Taboos

"Just being yourself and putting your work out there is political."

In an email interview, Vingiano talked to me about the how she, along with Brittany Ashley and Steven Kanter pushed for more longform content, how she addresses topics that are often treated as taboo, and how comedy can help take away the stigma.

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Things We Saw Today: Yondu Met Mary Poppins, Y’all!

No matter how many iterations come out of it, this joke will never get old.

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SNL‘s David Pumpkins Makes Every Scary Movie Even Scarier

Any questions?!

While last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live premiered to positive reviews, one sketch that caught on (to the surprise of many) was “Haunted Elevator”, in which Tom Hanks played the bizarre yet impeccably dressed David S. Pumpkins–complete with backup b-boy skeletons. It was a relatively simple bit at its core, but somehow the combination […]

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The Stranger Things Kid Cast Reacts to Classic Toys

I’m still not done talking about this show and its cast. It’s likely that I’ll never really, truly be done until season two airs–and then that just means there will be another set of episodes for me to talk about. Thanks to the rising popularity of their show–and the fact that everyone’s starting to get […]

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Stranger Things Kids Harmonize and Decorate Waffles, Win Our Hearts

In a video for BuzzFeed Celeb, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin talked about what the set of Netflix's Stranger Things was like while decorating waffles.

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Gripping Video Examines Difficulties of Recognizing Emotional Abuse in Relationships

In a striking video for BuzzFeed, Brittany Ashley and Ali Vingiano created a short film that examines a type of abuse that isn't easily seen: emotional abuse.

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Buzzfeed Writer Harassed off Twitter for Urging “Not-White, Not-Male” Writers to Pitch to Buzzfeed Canada

You'd be hard pressed to find a better demonstration of the perceived oppression of white people being called out on their privilege then what happened to Buzzfeed Canada writer Scaachi Koul over the weekend.

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Don’t Blame Gaby Dunn for “Selling Out”: Internet Fame Does Not Equal Financial Stability

It's easy to dismiss a YouTuber's request for donations, or pooh-pooh an internet star who does sponsored videos and product placement as a "sellout," but these things are often necessary, as content creators on YouTube can't live on views and clicks, ads don't pay very much, and internet fame does not equal financial stability. In an illuminating piece for Fusion, writer and YouTube star Gaby Dunn dissects just how deceiving looks can be in the world of social media stardom.

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Women Photoshopped to Pose Like Comic Book Superheroines Illustrates Ridiculousness of the Trope

The fine folks over at BuzzFeed tried a little experiment with these ridiculous poses: they tried to emulate them in real life.

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Buzzfeed’s Try Guys Visit Girls Who Code

"Hello girl genius, I am boy idiot."

Buzzfeed's Try Guys have tried a lot of things, like Ninja Warrior, wedding dresses, and even a wonderfully geeky cosplay series. The most recent Try Guys installment features non-coders Eugene, Ned, Keith, and Zach learning how to code with the awesome organization Girls Who Code.

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What If? Recreating Iconic Film Posters With People of Color

BuzzFeed brought together some people of color to recreate classic movie posters. They re-did the posters for Titanic, The Breakfast Club, Blue is the Warmest Color, and more.

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Trans Love Is Love: On Relationships with Transgender People

Featuring TMS' own Teresa Jusino!

Each of these couples talks about how important their partner is to them. They open up about the things they've learned, and how much they've grown and changed over the course of their relationships.

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Video Flips the Script on the Ridiculous Questions Cis People Ask Trans People All the Time

"Was it difficult to come out to your parents as cisgender?"

Think about it. How ridiculous do these questions sound? Pretty ridiculous, right? So why do people keep asking them?

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Girl Dismantles Boys-Only Robotics Program At Local Library

YES disassemble.

When Cash Cayen, who spends lots of time at the Timmins Public Library in Timmins, Ontario saw a summer robotics program, she went to sign up only to be met with a big, bolded "special boys program."

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Things We Saw Today: Cat Socks For Table Legs Protect Your Floor

Unlike actual cat feet

These "Nekoashi," or "cat feet," will cover your chair legs and make them adorable! They also come in various designs so you can match them with your cat. High-five!

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Buzzfeed Looks at 21 #NonCompliant Members of the Comics Community

What we talk about when we talk about NC.

This year's ECCC featured a Being Non-Compliant panel with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Noelle Stevenson, Kate Leth, Erika Moen and Spike Trotman, but the bad-assery didn't end there--Buzzfeed's Kirk Damato took to the floor to talk to creators, professionals, and fans about what being non-compliant means to them.

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“Historically Accurate Disney Princess” Video Is a Great Excuse for Costume Porn


The whole "historically accurate Disney Princess" project has been done before, of course, but Buzzfeed did a pretty good job of researching the authentic fashions of the time periods and cultures that these Disney movies took place in (but not, it should be noted, with their original source material in mind).

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Shove It, Haters: Buzzfeed Is “Unequivocally” Feminist


In case you had any doubts about Buzzfeed's commitment to feminism after looking at their diversity-minded hiring policy, their patriarchy-smashing Harry Potter retellings, and their gender role-reversal videos that ask geeky guys the same boneheaded questions girls get asked all the time, then don't worry: their Tumblr just spelled it out for everybody.

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6 Often-Overlooked Women From History Who Did Not Give a F***


Here's an awesome animation from BuzzFeed Video that shines a light on Annie Smith Peck, Mary Lou Williams, Ada Lovelace, Lilian Bland, Murasaki Shikibu, and Ethel L. Payne—six pioneers in STEM, the arts and politics who gave approximately zero fucks. Hell yeah.

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Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy: A Feminist Re-Imagining of Harry Potter


As much as we all love Harry as a character, let's face it—Hermione is better than him at just about everything and barely gets any credit for it. In fact, I would bet you so much leprechaun gold that she'd be a proud and outspoken feminist if she were a real person in 2015. Heck, Emma Watson already is.

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