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Hey There, Demons, It’s Me, Ya Boy, With the Last Two Seasons of BuzzFeed Unsolved

In our heart of hearts, we will forever dance on Goatman's bridge

BuzzFeed Unsolved hosts

After five years of trying to solve the unsolvable with well-crafted comedic timing and a fondness of cryptids, BuzzFeed Unsolved is entering its final two seasons.

BuzzFeed Unsolved is split into two segments: True Crime and Supernatural. Each segment is set up the way you’d expect a documentary series from those genres to go. True Crime focuses on cold cases, the two hosts going over the evidence and theories as to who could’ve committed the crime. Supernatural has the two looking into supposedly haunted locations and figuring out whether the thing that goes bump in the night is a ghost or an old house that’s minding its own business.

Season 8 of BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime will begin on June 18th with season 7 of BuzzFeed: Supernatural starting this fall.

I feel like BuzzFeed Unsolved has been this gem of a series that you hear about in one of two ways: 1) you have a friend who insists you watch it, or 2) there’s a Shane Madej or Ryan Bergara meme circulating social media that makes you ask, “What the hell is that from?”

For me, it was a delightful mix of both. I had a friend introduce me to the series and we, eventually, reached the first episode of season two, The Ghost and Demons of Bobby Mackey’s, aka, the “Hey there, demons, it’s me, ya boy,” episode. I was already becoming a fast fan of Shane and Ryan, but when we hit that episode I said, and I quote, “Oh THAT’S what that’s from!”

As a fan of these kinds of documentary series, I know that the hosts can make or break it for me. In the case of BuzzFeed Unsolved, the hosts are 100% the reason why we all tune in to watch. Shane and Ryan have amazing chemistry together and their back and forth dialogue is what has made BuzzFeed Unsolved such a fun series.

The Supernatural segments are especially enjoyable with Shane being a skeptic and Ryan absolutely believing that there’s more to that creaky doorframe than wear and tear. What’s hilarious is that Shane wants to be proven wrong. He WANTS to meet these supernatural beings, going so far as to taunt them in an attempt to get them to come out, because if they don’t, well, he’s claiming ownership of their space

Ryan wants the same thing … kinda? He wants to prove that the paranormal exists, especially to Shane, but lord, he is SO scared about the possibility of facing it head-on. I exhibit such Ryan energy, y’all. I absolutely believe in the paranormal but I do NOT want to encounter any of it. Unlike Ryan, I’m not gonna try and prove to you that this stuff exists, you either believe it or you don’t, because I will not set foot near ANY of the places they investigate.

You can keep your Island of the Dolls thank you VERY much.

While it might be a bit of a downer to see this come to an end, the two best features of the show (Shane and Ryan) actually have their own digital studio with Steven Lim, who BuzzFeed series fans will recognize from Worth It, the food series where Steven, along with Andrew Ilnyckyj, visit different restaurants with similar food at three different price points: easy on the pocket, good for a date night, and HOLY SHIT THAT CHICKEN COSTS HOW MUCH?! Shane, Ryan, and Steven left BuzzFeed back in 2019 and started Watcher Entertainment in 2020.

According to Variety, both Shane and Ryan had this to say in a statement about the final seasons of BuzzFeed Unsolved.

“We were truly fortunate to have the opportunity from BuzzFeed to make this show. I can’t even begin to describe the appreciation I have for all the support we’ve received from this fanbase that has allowed us to pursue this dream and our passions.” —Ryan Bergara

“None of this would have been possible without the passion of Shaniacs and Boogaras. This will be one thrilling final year for the fans as we dive into our favorite, most-requested crimes and mysteries.” —Shane Madej

If you’re into spooky programming you’ll be happy to know that Watcher has a horror segment called Are You Scared where Ryan reads scary Internet stories to Shane, because everybody knows that we gotta have our boys get scared (at least one of them—poor Ryan).

You can check out everything Watcher Entertainment has to offer over at their website as we prepare to bid farewell to cases that will remain … unsolved.

You can also check out the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network for all kinds of paranormal content that you should probably watch with the lights on and the headphones set at a reasonable volume.

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