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The Chris Evans Puppy Interview Is Exactly What Your Friday Needs

Every dog I guess is named Buster
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It’s been a long time coming. With each new puppy interview came an important question: Okay, where is the Chris Evans one? But now Buzzfeed has given us all what we wanted and what we deserved—an interview where Chris Evans maybe answers each question with a one-word response (if at all) before heading into a full-on conversation with whatever dog is sitting in front of him. And did we expect anything else? Known for constantly breaking the internet, Evans sitting down with puppies is sure to derail everyone’s afternoon.

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If anything, Evans knew it was a lost cause because he kept tweeting about how he wasn’t sure if he answered any kind of question at all. “I’m honestly worried that I didn’t answer ANY questions. All I remember is apologizing a lot for not paying attention,” Evans tweeted, and honestly, after watching it, it was surprising just how much he actually did get to answer before a puppy would look at him and distract him from his train of thought.

In fact, he said as much multiple times, tweeting, “Puppy interview completed. No other interview will ever compare. I still smell like puppies. (I don’t remember if I answered a single question. Got lost in puppy gazes).”

What’s great though about this interview is that every single one of those dogs seems to be called “Buster” to him, and he also says “Bub bub” at one point—which is what I call my cat, Benji, so my cat was then forced to stare at Chris Evans with puppies (tragic for my cat, who does seem to love Chris Evans otherwise).

But after all this time, the interview with Chris Evans and puppies and senior dogs was well worth the wait, especially because he reminded everyone that they should be saving dogs from shelters (my childhood dog was two when we got him from the pound and about to be put down, so I’m a big champion for adopting instead of shopping).

Twitter’s dream come true

The thing is, this was perfect. It just felt like seeing your friend get something they’ve been working towards for years. Maybe it’s just because Evans loves dogs and we all know it, but like, it’s very clear that he was having the time of his life, which meant that it was fun for us to see.

Even if he almost got maimed.

And Evans himself has since tweeted saying that it was his idea to bring in some of the older pups, so maybe giving him this amount of power was a mistake because I am crying.

What a joyous day for us all that we finally got the one puppy interview we’d be waiting for. Chris Evans and a bunch of dogs that he just decided to name Buster? Perfection. But can we now just always have Chris Evans talking with puppies? I think it’s a necessary thing for all of us to always have.

(featured image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

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