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Has Doctor Who‘s Next Companion Been Revealed?

New. Doctor Who. Companion. Now, this news is coming from the UK's Mirror, and it hasn't yet been confirmed by the BBC, so this is all firmly in Rumor Territory. Whew! Now that that's out of the way, let's freak out about it and speculate!

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BBC Head’s Words on Fixing the Wage Gap Need to Be Backed Up With Action

But actions speak louder than words.

Tony Hall, director general of the BBC, doubled down on his promise that they're dedicated to closing the gap as soon as they can.

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The Plot of Jodie Whittaker’s New Miniseries Reads as A+ Trolling

Let us dream.

Thanks to the whining of all the backwards sexist creeps on the internet, we cannot stop laughing at the synopsis for Whittaker's upcoming BBC1 miniseries.

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The BBC Has Serious Issues With Its Wage Gap, But Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Its Stars of Color?

The British government forced the BBC to disclose the wages of its most highest-paid stars, and the gap between top male and female earners is tremendous.

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Finally, Help in Case You Can’t Handle a Fictional Alien Being a Woman on Doctor Who

In case you hadn't guessed, we have a lot to say about Doctor Who's new 13th Doctor, who will be portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, as well as the response to her casting. This is something we've waited a long time for, so we're feeling a bit extra defensive about those who want to rain on our parade. Luckily, the Doctor Who Helpline is here to deal with them so that we don't have to.

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The BBC Is Playing With Both of My Time Lady Hearts With This 13th Doctor Teaser

Earlier, someone at the BBC decided to spike Doctor Who fans' blood pressure with a bit of a hype-building teaser.

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Missy Proves Doctor Who Can Handle a Woman as the Doctor

Over the fifty-three years of Doctor Who’,t twelve people have officially played the Doctor, a time-traveling alien with the ability to regenerate into a new body. Every single one of them has been a man, but, technically, that’s not a requirement. The show’s never been incredibly clear about how it works in-universe, but it’s generally accepted that the process allows Time Lords to regenerate as a different sex.

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BBC’s Sherlock Team Taking On Another Cold, Brooding Protagonist: Dracula

It looks like Dracula will be getting the Sherlock treatment.

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Has Doctor Who‘s Next Doctor Been Cast? Russell T. Davies Seems to Think So!

We all know that this season will be Peter Capaldi's final season playing the Doctor on Doctor Who, which leaves a big question unanswered: who will play the 13th Doctor? It seems that the role may have already been cast!

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Things We Saw Today: Elisabeth Moss Will Star as Typhoid Mary, Please (Don’t) Hold Me

Everyone's favorite Mad Woman and Handmaiden will be taking on the role of one of history's most mysterious (and infectious) figures for the BBC.

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I’ve Been Waiting for This Victorian-Era The War of the Worlds Since Forever

The BBC announced a new line of dramas yesterday with some very exciting titles like an adaptation of A Suitable Boy, a likely-very-English show called A Very English Scandal, and a new adaptation of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds written by Peter Harness (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell).

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Things We Saw Today: Make Your Very Own Tree Trunks and Apple Pie From Adventure Time

You know you've always wanted your own super cute adorable elephant who keeps wandering into trouble. Don't even deny it.

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The Sestras Are United and Ready to Fight in Chilling New Orphan Black Final Season Trailer

Orphan Black just released a new promo for its upcoming final season and I'm not sure there is an accurate way to describe my emotions without keyboard smashing.

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You Can Finally Stream All the (Existing) Classic Doctor Who Episodes in One Place

You've got an awful lot of binging to do.

Doctor Who's classic episodes have had their fair share of troubles over the years, with some episodes becoming "lost" to time and the ever-shifting landscape of what's available on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu making it difficult to watch the entire run—not to mention the show's more than 50 years of existence providing a built-in obstacle. Now, things are going to get a lot easier.

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Doctor Who Will Feature Its First Openly Gay Companion and We Can’t Wait to Meet Her

In the vast galaxies of Doctor Who, LGBTQIA characters aren't new. Captain Jack Harkness, omnisexual extraordinaire, even got his own spin-off, Torchwood, where he was in a relationship with a man. River Song had a wife. But these portrayals have always been tied to guest stars. Now the BBC has announced that the Doctor's new companion will be openly gay—no ifs, buts, or timey-wimeys about it.

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It’s Really Happening, Clone Club: First Images from Orphan Black’s Final Season Are Here

The end is near.

That inevitable final season of Orphan Black is quickly approaching and now, new images are here to remind you of that fact.

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This Parody of the BBC Dad Interview Gets Sexism in Parenting Right–And Then So Wrong

Comedians Jono and Ben have released a parody of the interrupted BBC interview with Professor Robert E. Kelly. In their version, it's instead a mother who gets interrupted by her children--and her very different reaction illustrates our gendered expectations for domestic labor.

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New Doctor Who S10 Trailer Promises Excitement In Twelfth Doctor’s Last Days (and Bill’s First!)

At long last, the trailer we were promised today for the upcoming tenth season of Doctor Who has dropped, along with a new image! Let's enjoy (and overanalyze) them, shall we?

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Sorry, Clone Club: Orphan Black Is Returning Later Than Expected

Apologies to the Clone Club but you're gonna have to way just a little longer for new episodes of Orphan Black.

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It’s Official: The Next Series of Doctor Who Will Be the Last For Peter Capaldi

It's easy to be ambivalent about Doctor Who news these days, as the show seems to happen so infrequently it almost dares you to stop caring. However, when I stop and think about Peter Capaldi's run as a whole, I really, really enjoyed both his take on the Doctor as well as many of his stories. Sadly, Capaldi officially announced that the upcoming series of Doctor Who will be his last.

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