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School Bans Superhero Costumes for Halloween

This is how the Keene Act gets started.

This morning a disturbing photo made its way onto the /WTF subreddit. It showed a letter sent home by a school informing parents that superhero costumes have been banned from school Halloween activities. What's even the point of Halloween then?

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Buckyballs Barred by Bureaucrats, Better Buy Before Ban

Everyone loves magnets except for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their disfavor is probably due to the fact that children, apparently, can't stop themselves from eating them. Even though Buckyballs, a product with is essentially a series of magnets, clearly indicates that it is not for children, the CSPC has decided to issue a stop-sale order. This is the first time in 11 years that they have deemed it necessary to do so.

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France Bans The Words “Facebook” and “Twitter” from TV and Radio

Marketing by social media just got a little bit harder in France. While the Oxford Dictionaries Online is actively expanding into social networking, going so far as to add "twittersphere" and "unfollow" last week, France appears to be moving in the opposite direction. The French government has banned the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" from being spoken on the radio or television. In a move based on legislation from 1992 that decrees mentioning services by name is a form of advertising, use of the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" will not be allowed on French radio or television, unless part of a news story. France's Conseil Superieur de l'Audiovisuel (CSA) says the reason for the ban is to avoid giving the American social networking giants an edge over smaller sites.

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University Bans Student-Invented Motorized Sofa Vehicle [Video]

After the rug, the sofa is the most crucial staple of a college student's dorm living experience. If only it could be taken beyond the walls of one's room ...

Well, Nick Homer and Rich Christiansen of Brigham Young University came up with an ingenious solution: Over a laborious three months, the two students created an automotive sofa, by attaching wheels and the motor of an old wheelchair. Attending BYU football games and whizzing up to fast food drive-through windows, it seemed like all the world was perfect from their cozy sofa viewpoint ... until campus security came along.

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