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Buckyballs Barred by Bureaucrats, Better Buy Before Ban

Everyone loves magnets except for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their disfavor is probably due to the fact that children, apparently, can’t stop themselves from eating them. Even though Buckyballs, a product with is essentially a series of magnets, clearly indicates that it is not for children, the CSPC has decided to issue a stop-sale order. This is the first time in 11 years that they have deemed it necessary to do so.

In the CSPC’s defense, the magnets can pinch and trap intestines when swallowed. That means should your darling angel swallow the metal-flavored candy, it could certainly lead to surgery. Furthermore, anyone leaving a bunch of small magnets within reach of those that might theoretically devour them on sight probably shouldn’t be allowed to buy novelty items. It can only lead to tragedy.

For the time being, Buckyballs’ website is continuing to sell the potential deadly little devices with great fervor. Whether this will continue or be vigorously punished is kind of a gray area. They have even gone so far as to include a giant notice at the top of the page stating this:

You might have heard there’s a problem with our products…


A government agency (the Consumer Product Safety Commission) is saying they should be recalled because children occasionally get ahold of them. This is unfair. We market exclusively to adults. We are vigorously defending our right to market these products you love.

In other words: Damn the man, save the Buckyballs.

(Buckyballs via Gizmodo, image credit via Jeremy Boggs)

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