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Twitch Accounts Are Cropping up and Streaming ‘Morbius’ All Day, Despite Bans

Morbin time all the time.

Jared Leto in full vampire face as Morbius

For most of us, the idea of watching Morbius all day long sounds like a new torture method. The latest film in Sony’s Shared Spider-Man universe premiered on April 1, 2022, starring Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, a doctor suffering from a rare blood disease. In desperation for a cure, he splices his genes with those of a vampire bat. While this does cure his disease, it also gives him superhuman abilities and an unquenchable thirst for blood.

Unfortunately, the film badly missed its mark with fans of the superhero genre. In the comics, Morbius is one of the more nuanced and complex anti-heroes. However, the film didn’t really provide any chance at all for even minor character development. In addition to this, the plot dragged on and had no meaning or substance to it. Morbius got slammed by critics and audiences alike. Hence, when it released on VOD recently, no one was really expecting anyone to flock to it.

Strangely enough, though, Morbius has actually been rapidly gaining popularity. It has been trending on social media and even topped VOD charts. It’s not because of everyone’s love of the film. Rather, it’s because it has apparently become a meme. The phrase “morbin time” has been trending on Twitter recently, a play on words inspired by the Power Rangers’ “morphin’ time.” However, instead of morphing, everyone is now Morbius-ing everything. They’re putting him in every meme, movie scene, or even in KFC advertisements—captioned with “morbin time”.

Twitch streams Morbius all day

Now, these fans are going beyond memes and have taken to streaming Morbius on repeat for 24 hours on Twitch. Even though one account was banned, another quickly appeared to replace it. The first ban even sparked outcries as users demanded more Morbius. At the time of writing this article, the account is still up and over 900 people and counting are currently watching the endless Morbius. The chat is, of course, being spammed with “morbin time” and every other play on Morbius one can think of.

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Pretty much everyone has been jumping on the Morbius meme, but streaming the film is definitely taking it too far, in a legal sense. First of all, it’s against Twitch rules to stream a film on the platform without explicit permission to do so. Second, it’s just a tad concerning that people actually want to watch Morbius on repeat all day long, to the point that they will even risk being banned on Twitch and will persistently keep creating more accounts to continue the loop. I feel like one’s time could be utilized in a much more beneficial manner than watching Morbius on repeat for 24 hours and typing “morbin time” into a chat 5,000 times.

So, this is the current state of the internet, where “Morbheads” flock to Twitch to watch Morbius on repeat all day long, lest they get Morbius withdrawals and can’t foster anymore Morbius memes.

(via: Gfinity Esports, featured image: Sony)

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