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On This Memorial Day, We Remember Our Fallen Women and Their Families

It's easy to get caught up in Memorial Day being about a three-day weekend and stores having big sales, but Memorial Day is a day when we remember and honor the brave men and women who've given their lives in service of the United States through their participation in our nation's military. No matter what your political leanings, or what your opinions on how best to support our military, those who choose to serve our country, as well as their families, deserve our utmost respect.

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The First Two Women To Graduate US Army Ranger School Still Can’t Apply For the Regiment

For the first time this year, the US Army opened its Ranger School to women applicants; 381 men and 19 women got approved to undergo the training program, and two women made it to graduation alongside 94 male peers. Unfortunately, it's not yet clear what awaits these women upon completion of the course; women are not yet permitted to join the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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Women Like Marvel’s Agent Carter Were a Very Real Part of History

In my grandmother's assisted living home stands a very wonky statue which was recently decapitated by a nurse. Her head has been duct taped back together, and there she stands; a statue of a World War II WAC. After all, my grandmother held tightly to those memories of her time serving in the Women’s Army Corp.

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The Navy’s New eReader Is A NeRD, Has The Kind Of Titles You Would Expect

The military is so good at acronyms. IMO.

iPads and Nooks aren't allowed in the Navy--the relatively small eReaders take up too much space and their Wi-Fi could leave vessels vulnerable to security threats. Thankfully for seafaring bookworms, a press release today announced the release of the Navy eReader Device, or NeRD. Just don't get it wet!

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The Army Has Developed Patriotic Pizza That Will Stay Fresh For Years

Private Pepperoni, reporting TO YOUR MOUTH.

For years, U.S. Military Labs have been cooking up technology to drastically improve the lives of soldiers in the field. After lengthy research and much anticipation, food science has finally done the impossible and created a pizza that stays edible for years, even in hot climates. Little Caesars, you should be ashamed.

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First Female-Specific Body Armor Ships Out To Afghanistan

Today in Boobs

It's safe to say, having body armor that doesn't fit correctly is almost no armor at all. That's why we've been following the development of body armor for women in the armed forces so closely. Previously, the armor was in a prototype stage and being worn by the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It turns out, the women of the 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team, Third Infantry Division are being deployed to Afghanistan soon and when they do, they'll be wearing armor that fits.

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The U.S. Military is Designing Anti-Suicide Spray

A scientist from the Indiana University School of Medicine has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Army to design a nasal spray that should suppress thoughts of suicide. Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense that the military would be looking into alternative methods to keep soldiers from killing themselves. According to RT, 116 U.S. soldiers have died of suspected suicide in 2012, and the army currently has the highest recorded rate of suicide in its history.

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Giant Touchscreen Tablet Could Be Used By Military Commanders

In an attempt to replace the stereotypical map-table with figurines and one of those little, miniature push-broom thingies, the company AAI has developed a giant touchscreen tablet that could allow commanders to give orders to troops on the ground the same way you pick the angle you want to launch your bomb bird.

The tablet is two feet by three feet and uses collected surveillance information to show a map of the war-zone that is as accurate and up to date as possible, including simple stuff like terrain and structures, but also the location of friendly and enemy troops. The enemy troops part won't always be perfect, of course; the tablet does not allow you to disable the fog of war function.

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The Army Is Using X-Men: First Class As a Recruiting Tool

Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

First, a caveat: It's Memorial Day weekend, and we're in no way saying anything disparaging about our men and women in uniform. That said, this is an article about the United States Army using X-Men: First Class as a recruiting tool, telling future recruits that joining the Army is as glorious as being a mutant. That's the Army -- not known for its unconformity -- using the X-Men -- known fairly well for their unconformity -- to recruit soldiers -- who are probably expected to conform to Army regulations and rules. And not just that, but the X-Men don't exactly think that highly of the Army, at least not in X-Men: First Class.

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New Women’s Army Combat Uniform Begins Tests

Good News Everyone!

After being announced late last summer, the new women's Army Combat Uniform has been issued to 150 soldiers at Fort Benning in Georgia to undergo testing. The current uniform, while being treated as unisex, has received complaints concerning its fit. And while some are not exactly supportive of a "women's only" uniform, the producers of the uniform expect a very positive response.

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