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Things We Saw Today: Drogon Is Looking A Bit Toothless These Days

And he's at Dragon Con, nonetheless.

Super-rad cosplayer Casey Renee Cosplay isn't cool with how jerky Daenerys's dragons have been as of late, so she imagined a world where our Khaleesi is Mother to the cutest dragon of all - How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless! (via Fashionably Geek)

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D.C.’s Museum of Science Fiction Wants To Pay For Your Design

I volunteer as tribute!

Nonprofit organization The Museum of Science Fiction is an institution in D.C. dedicated solely to you-know-what, and they're willing to pay $1,000 in Earth currency for the best "preview museum" design to house exhibits in the nation's capitol.

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LEGO Architecture Studio Does Away With Instructions to Inspire Future Builders

Instructions? Where we're going we don't need instructions.

LEGO wants to help you unleash your inner Ted Mosby by offering a set specifically designed to, well, let you design. LEGO Architecture Studio is a 1,210-piece set that doesn't include instructions on how to build anything in particular. What it does have is a guide explaining basic architectural concepts. It also has so many white bricks.

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Floating London Airport Plan Looks Like a Modern-Day Atlantis

London Britannia Airport, a floating airport proposed to the British government by global architecture firm Gensler, could be the coolest building ever made... If it ever gets approved. An alternative to the publicly protested plans to expand London's Heathrow Airport, the hypothetical floating airport would be the world's first, breaking ground on an idea that architects and governments have been trying to achieve since the 1940's.

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Would You Buy A House Built on Top of a Shopping Mall?

When I was kid, I thought it would be awesome to live in a mall. My family and I stayed in a hotel built in or on top of one: We could go get Starbucks for breakfast in our PJs and if I ever needed something new and shiny to validate my existence, it was readily available. Of course, even I thought there were limits to what living above a mall could be like; for instance, I always assumed that living in a building like that meant you pretty much had to live in an apartment. I was a foolish child. You can both live in a house and live above a mall, thanks to the Chinese. You can have it all, people.

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Man Builds Secret Egg-House on Government Land, Future is Uncertain, Certainly Awesome

It's a classic story: Boy becomes successful software engineer, boy retires. But this story about Joel Allen goes on, because instead of reclining into his early golden years, he ran out of cash and decided to take up carpentry. One thing led to another, and Allen built an egg-shaped house on Canadian government land near Whistler, British Columbia. Now, after keeping it secret for so long, he's trying to figure out how to save the place he calls the Hemloft.

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Spectacular Time Lapse Video Shows Dubai as You’ve Never Seen it Before [Video]

Cinematographer Philip Bloom, commissioned by the crown prince of Dubai Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, created this startlingly beautiful time lapse video called Abraj. The name is apparently the Arabic plural for "tower," and refers to the iconic Burj Al Arab and the enormous Burj Khalifa. Though they are the centerpieces, the film introduces viewers to the stunning beauty of the city. Turn up the volume, make it full screen, and let the imagery just wash over your eyeballs.

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When Fairy Tales And Architecture Collide, Magical Houses Come To Life

Elsewhere on the internet

Houses or other abodes play an integral role in several fairy tales; Hansel and Gretel is a great example. But things get a bit complicated when you try to wrap your head around some of the more fantastic houses in literature. Well a children's book author and a few architects recently got together to try and show just what the homes in stories like Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk and Baba Yaga would look like if they drew up blueprints for them. 

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One Small Apartment Plus One Huge, Transforming Cabinet Somehow Makes Four Rooms

When school teacher Eric Schneider bought his Manhattan apartment in 2005, had achieved what, for most, is an unachievable dream. However, the realities of life in the big city can be daunting: His apartment was a mere 450 square-feet, and consisted of a single room with an attached kitchen. That's when architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson at Normal Projects designed an amazing transforming cabinet that turned his studio into four room home. Read on after the break, and see how this tiny apartment unfolds into an amazing living space.

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The People Who Emboss Your Cookies Are Way More Mysterious and Cryptic Than You Thought

Consider the Following

Cookies are delicious. It's simple fact. Who would argue against that? But here's something we never knew we should have been thinking about: who are the people responsible for the designs on said cookies? Who give our biscuits their visual appeal? In other words, who are the cookie embossers?

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We Want to Go to There: A House Made of Bookcases

this exists

Imagine a house, perhaps tucked into some quiet nook in the woods somewhere, where every wall is covered with floor-to-ceiling bookcases.  No more piles of graphic novels and DVDs and classic lit cast sadly around your living room, judging you for not putting it on proper display. Just endless supplies of shelf space, even in the staircases. It's a hoarder's dreamland. And for those of use who stalk blogs like Bookcase Porn, it's like we've died and gone to some literature-themed heaven. And now, thanks to the Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, it exists.

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German Hotel Looks Like That Scene From Inception

This hotel in Berlin is not falling over (or folding). It's actually built like that on purpose. Billed as the first hotel in Europe specifically designed for musicians, the Nhow Hotel features state-of-the-art recording studios and guitars. The interior design, by Karim Rashid, has been described as "an amusement park for lovers of glossy, hyper design." (via Jetsetta via Neatorama)

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This Is The World’s Largest Augmented Reality Marker

The architects from the firm of Königsberger Vannucchi in Brazil needed a new way to help their clients visualize the buildings that they had commissioned, and they really liked augmented reality as a way of doing so. So they created the worlds largest AG marker (as verified by Guinness) in the lot where their skyscraper was going to be built, and then flew around it in a helicopter. Hey presto! Instant tower. You can watch their short video below.

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