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One Small Apartment Plus One Huge, Transforming Cabinet Somehow Makes Four Rooms

When school teacher Eric Schneider bought his Manhattan apartment in 2005, had achieved what, for most, is an unachievable dream. However, the realities of life in the big city can be daunting: His apartment was a mere 450 square-feet, and consisted of a single room with an attached kitchen. That’s when architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson at Normal Projects designed an amazing transforming cabinet that turned his studio into four room home.

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Of course, none of this came cheap. The apartment itself cost Schneider $235,000, which only got him the original 450 square-foot space. To further renovate the place and comission the unfolding cabinet, he had to sink an additional $70,000. But the results are impressive: With the cabinet to break up the apartment, Schneider now has a comfortable sized and fully stocked kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, and home office. Then again, you can always go smaller.

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