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The Song of the Year Comes to Us via a Mexican Restaurant Bathroom

"Hahaha" with the "J"

Compilation of screengrabs of the Millennial Grey Mexican Restaurant Bathroom on TikTok

No matter how many times I see a video with the warning “you won’t be able to guess what comes next” and try it anyway, I fail. At this point, it should not sting.

Now, one viral TikTok has done that again. Except for this time I was even more disappointed with myself because it came in the form of one of my favorite places to be other than home: a local Mexican restaurant. (Well, Mexican or Tex-Mex.)

@chloeisag Insomnia and it’s consequences. *****spoiler***** No one is safe from the spread of……. millennial grey-core. What are you doing to stop the spread⁉️ #houseflipping #mexicanrestaurant #livelaughlove #hobbylobbyfinds #the1975 ♬ Jarabe Tapatio – (Mexican Hat Dance) – Sr Ortegon

While there is no “look” to a Mexican restaurant, it’s definitely disorienting to go from one vibrant setting to a corporate grey, water closet. This was like the classic Wizard of Oz scene where Dorothy steps into Technicolor—but in reverse. Many Mexican American commenters are saying this is their mother’s entire vibe (including some on Twitter, where this blew up as well.) While called “millennial grey” online, let’s be real and understand that this is also Gen X Grey, too. After all, less than 50% of millennials (age 27-42) own a home in comparison to 70% of Gen Xers (42-58).

Many people asked if the song could be uploaded to TikTok or Spotify. Because Chloe regularly makes cursed remixes (like this Lemonade Mouth x Nicki Minaj) and Powerpoint music videos (this one is my favorite), she was ready to deliver. Unfortunately, she ran into some issues.

Pesky copyright, always getting in the way

In a follow-up video, Chloe explained that in the uploading process, she hit a copyright wall. After some digging, she concluded the culprit was the infamous copyright bandit Bob Tik. However, she likely misread the license requirements on the beat (and jumped the gun on the diss track.) Producer grayskies states in the description of the video (“unreal”) she sourced the sound from that you must pay a license fee if you are uploading it to other streaming platforms and for for-profit use. This costs $20 for a standard license and $120 for an unlimited license.

Chloe or the restaurant should do just that because that’s a very affordable cost for promoting the business. Also, I know for a fact that there are more Mexican restaurants with millennial grey bathrooms that would also go viral on TikTok with this sound! If not the employees making the TikTok, then the patrons.

With the b-roll already ready, Chloe shared an advertisement for TikTok anyways! So go if you’re in the Minneapolis area—go check out Pineda Tacos Plus!

@chloeisag Replying to @rissas.wrld ♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

(featured image: @Chloeisag via TikTok)

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