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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Is Calling Out Hypocrisy in How Washington Politicizes Sexual Abuse

Gillibrand says the silence from Republicans is "deafening" when it comes to the allegations against Steve Wynn.

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Mika Brzezinski Continues to Fundamentally Misunderstand the #MeToo Movement, Remains the Worst

Joe Scarborough is a close second.

The problem of the #MeToo movement is not that a woman could lie. It's definitely not that many women might be lying. It's that people like Brzezinski and Scarborough hear about the systemic abuse and silencing of women, and immediately worry about a man.

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Matt Damon: We Know Al Franken & Harvey Weinstein Aren’t the Same

Man, there was a time when I really, really liked Matt Damon, but ever since the Project Greenlight fiasco it has just been a downward spiral from cool liberal dude Matt Damon to "liberal dude mansplainer" Matt Damon.

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“This Is Not About Policy”: 2 Senators Call for Trump’s Resignation Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

"Why hasn’t Donald Trump come forward and said, ‘You know what, in this climate, at this point in this country, I’m going to resign from my position just like Al Franken", said Cory Booker.

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Yes, We Need to Believe All Women, Mika Brzezinski

“I’m just wondering if all women need to be believed and I’m concerned that we are being the judge, the jury and the cops here and so did Senate Democrats getting ahead of their skis.”

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Stephen Colbert Reminds Al Franken What Is & Isn’t His “Right as an Entertainer”

Spoiler: groping women "isn't."

Franken is accused of all sorts of sexual assault. The latest instance involves attempting to forcibly kiss a congressional aide, allegedly claiming such contact is "his right as an entertainer."

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36 Female Former SNL Staffers Thought It Necessary to Let Us Know Al Franken Never Assaulted Them

36 female former Saturday Night Live employees have released a statement in support of Al Franken. None currently work on the show, but are various staff members (plus original cast member Jane Curtain) from Franken's era. All of them felt the need to let us know what a great guy Franken is, and that he never harassed or assaulted any of them.

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Donald Trump’s Crude, Blatant Concern Trolling Over Al Franken Assault Backfires

Trump's "whataboutism" very often works as a deflection and a distraction. But his assumption that other people care as little about women and sexual assault as he does has spectacularly backfired here.

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Seth Meyers: Sexual Harassment Isn’t a Partisan Issue, but a “Society-Wide Problem”

"This is society-wide problem borne out of systemic misogyny and abuse of power," says the host, "and both parties need to take it seriously, no matter who's accused."

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The Oculus Rift Will Collect Your Personal Data “Automatically.” But… What For?

Last week, rumblings began about the wording of the privacy policy for the Oculus Rift, the Facebook-owned virtual reality headset that tons of people have already pre-ordered. Upload VR dissected the wording of the policy, particularly the bit about the "information automatically collected" by Oculus whenever the owner uses it.

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Al Franken: Net Neutrality is the First Amendment Issue Of Our Time

Sen. Al Franken has been quick to use time in the Senate to define himself as an outspoken advocate of independent programming and media. During Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings he used his time to ask her for her thoughts on major media mergers such as the proposed one between Comcast and NBC Universal [Franken is not a fan].

This past Saturday Franken used his closing spot at the Netroots Nation conference to advocate for Net Neutrality. In his rousing remarks Franken told that crowd that Net Neutrality was “the First Amendment issue of our time.”

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Senators Write Letter to Facebook Regarding Privacy Concerns

Ever since Facebook first became a worldwide phenomenon, every change they made resulted in a flurry of “BRING THE OLD FACEBOOK BACK!” type petitions and groups. None of those groups changed anything and users eventually adjusted and, perhaps, began to like new applications like the News Feed. However, the changes announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at last week’sFacebook F8 developer conference have some even more concerned than usual. It’s not surprising then that many people are again creating angry groups and sending angry letters. What is surprising though, is that four of the people writing a letter -- Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Michael Bennet (D-Col.), Mark Begich (Alaska) and Al Franken (D-Minn.) -- are US senators:

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