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New Passage From Hillary Clinton’s What Happened Takes on Bernie Bros’ Toxic Sexism

And Bernie's own toxicity, too.

An excerpt from Hillary Clinton's memoir accuses Bernie Sanders of doing "lasting damage" to the Democratic Party, and calls out the sexism of some of his supporters.

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Oh Great, Now Racism and Xenophobia Are Apparently “Cultural Anxiety”

"This is fine."

Ever since Donald Trump's election win, we've heard a lot about the voters who drove him to victory and the need to understand their "economic anxiety" rather than call out the racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, or anything else that drove their vote. Now, The Atlantic has published a story with data suggesting we may have been right about those voters' underlying reasoning after all, but don't worry, racists; they've come up with a brand new code phrase to hide behind.

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2017 Reaches Peak Tragicomic, As The Russian Foreign Ministry Posts an Election Tampering April Fools’ Joke

The Russian Foreign Ministry has posted a "joke" about its tampering with the U.S. elections on Facebook.

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Ryan Murphy Takes On a Real-Life American Horror Story…the 2016 Election

From Gothic haunted houses, to asylums, to witch hunts, to carnivals, to creepy hotels, to the mystery of Roanoke, Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story has, for the past six seasons, told original stories inspired by motifs and real-life historical moments that speak to uniquely American horrors. And what horror is more uniquely American than our most recent Presidential Election?

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2016: The Movie Trailer Parody Turns This Terrible Year Into an Eerily Believable Horror Movie

Come on. We were all thinking it.

Despite arguments that 2016 isn't actually the worst year ever, it certainly hasn't been good, and many of the things that have transpired would be hard to believe even in fiction, let alone real life. If there's one genre where it all works surprisingly well, though, it's horror, and this 2016: The Movie parody trailer is a pretty accurate depiction of how we'll all probably remember this year.

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Without Irony, Students Who Voted for Trump Request Safe Space on Campus

Yeah, I know.

Seemingly without the least bit of irony, students at the University of Michigan who voted for Donald Trump have asked for safe spaces away from students who do not share their political views.

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Full Frontal Interviews a Self-Described “Fake News Provider” About Satirizing the News

We've all heard the uproar about "fake news" affecting voters' choices ever since the election, and the conversation about who bears responsibility for disseminating inaccurate news has begun.

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Jon Stewart, His Neutered Politics, and the Importance of Swallowing Without Sugar-Coating

On an episode of CBS This Morning earlier this week, Jon Stewart did an interview with co-host, Charlie Rose. It was primarily supposed to be a conversation about his new book, An Oral History, which details his life while hosting The Daily Show, but as one would expect in an interview with Stewart, the conversation quickly turned to politics. Specifically to the response from liberals and progressives to the election of Donald Trump.

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Let’s Not Pretend “Stop It” Is the Response of Someone Who Cares About Hate Crimes

It's been just over a week since the U.S. presidential election, and we've seen a rash of harassment and hate crimes in the wake of the results. We've also heard a lot of talk about how Donald Trump and his supporters aren't racist, but Donald's own response to learning of these shameful events has unsurprisingly left something to be desired.

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What Dumbledore’s Army Can Do Now That the Wizarding World Has Been Taken Over By Voldemort

You know it's a bad morning when the genre fiction you love stops feeling like genre fiction and starts feeling like instructional manuals and self-help books.

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What to Do If You’re Trans and Live in America Now

Some things you can do before this next administration settles in.

There's no gentle way to say it, so here it is: if you're trans, you can probably expect your world to change--if it hasn't already.

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Things We Saw Today: Friendly Reminder That There Were Black Suffragettes, Too

Okay ladies, now let's get in formation.

Hordes of female voters are paying tribute to Susan B. Anthony by posting their "I Voted" stickers on her grave ahead of potentially electing the first female president. But as a Vogue article from 2015 points out, white women weren't the only suffragettes to exist and accomplish great things.

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Trump Men Can’t Fill out Ballot Without Cheating off Their Wives, and More Election Day Twitter Nonsense

Laughter is our favorite defense mechanism.

No, Donald! Don't cheat off Melania's ballot! She's voting for Hillary! (I mean ... right?)

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FBI’s Clinton Email Decision Results in This Election’s Grossest Misunderstanding of Technology

Or willful misconstruing. Take your pick.

Technology has a tendency to change—both itself and the world around it—rapidly, while politicians ... don't, to put it kindly. As the two become increasingly intertwined, that leads to a lot of absurd notions about this here series of tubes, and that hasn't been more apparent anywhere than this election's understanding of how email and computers work. Reaction to the FBI going through 650,000 emails in a few days is just the most egregious example.

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Things We Saw Today: Ariel Totally Had Legal Recourse Against Ursula in The Little Mermaid

Always consult legal counsel, my friends! As it turns out, Ariel totally had several options when it came to her contract with Ursula the Sea Witch.

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Seth Meyers Perfectly Explains Why the Choice Is so Hard in This Election

It's almost over, everyone! There are five days left until the U.S. Presidential Election, and early voting is already happening. Soon this will all be behind us, and we'll be able to look back on it as if it were a bad dream (unless we wake up in a bigger nightmare on November 9th). Apparently, the polls are panic-inducingly close, and people are still having a hard time deciding who to vote for, because the choice is so hard, you guys. Thankfully, Seth Meyers is here to help.

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Things We Saw Today: More Children At Their Geeky Best For Halloween, Including An Awesome No-Face

Before we completely say goodbye to Halloween for the year, I just wanted to shout out two more kids who really got it right (and whose parents are raising their kids as good little pop culture geeks). Take three-year-old Momo in Taiwan, for instance, who did an amazing job dressing up like No-Face from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away.

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Donald Trump Adores Hillary Clinton! At Least…He Did Eight Years Ago

Y u mad, bro?

I'm about to say something shocking. There's something about which I agree with Donald Trump. *gasp* I know! But despite our differences we both agree that Bill Clinton was a great President, that Hillary Clinton will go down as a great senator, and she is a good wife and a good woman. Wait, what?

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Things We Saw Today: Marvel Pulls Too-Mature Riri Williams Cover, Previews Interior Art That’s Way More Awesome

Yesterday, comics fans got into a bit of a tizzy (some of us got into a bigger tizzy than others) about a variant cover for the upcoming first issue of Invincible Iron Man featuring Riri Williams looking way too sexualized for a 15-year-old character. The cover was originally a store variant for Midtown Comics in NYC, and now Marvel and Midtown have decided to pull the cover.

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Hamilton for Hillary: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Renee Elise Goldsberry Sing the “Ten Election Commandments”

Tim Kaine in the membrane! TIM KAINE IN THE BRAIN!

Broadway geeks who are into politics got a two-fer last night as Broadway's brightest stars got together at the St. James Theater in New York City to perform at a fundraiser for the future President of the United States the Me Being Totally Unbiased By Calling Her Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. And it got real when Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the first Angelica Schuyler, Renee Elise Goldsberry took to the stage!

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