Jessica Jones Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg on Season 2 and Women in Hollywood

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In an interview with DeadlineJessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg opened up about a possible Season 2 and gender parity in Hollywood and showbusiness. She’s admittedly very jaded about the latter, with hopes that a second season of Jessica Jones might change that.

In reply to a question about female-hero-led shows and Supergirl, Rosenberg echoed a lot of our feelings when she said:

In terms of the lack of parity, I think it is a good start and this is just the beginning I hope.

Women, in film and television, have been so limited in terms of what audiences will accept. They have to be the wife, the noble wife, or the happy cop, or the Madonna, or the whore. You have one dimension and that’s what you can play in. It’s not reflective of our experiences as women.

We’re watching these characters going, ‘Who is this? I have no idea.’ So it’s wonderful to begin to see that there’s so many great actresses out there finally really being given such juicy roles to play now, I mean, Krysten Ritter, man, she blows my mind in our show. But it’s very slow in coming, and we’ll see if it has any legs, but God willing it is a continuation of something that has begun.

Rosenberg has a big point. Jessica Jones represents a multi-dimensional character, who Ritter really brings to life in her performance as the titular character. In some ways, the mere existence of the show represents a shift in the understanding of what kinds of characters women can play. It is with no small hope that the praise the show has been receiving will help change the narrative and thinking behind female-led television shows and movies.

When it comes to Jessica Jones season 2, Rosenberg speculated about what she’d like to focus on more, and it’s likely not what you might think. It’s Rosenberg’s hope that season 2 can expand on the other characters in the show, giving them a bit more of the stage. But there’s one character in particular that’s got us super stoked.

Rosenberg said:

[Patsy]’s one of the characters that I’m looking forward to exploring, and pushing to new territory, and the world is our oyster on that one. We can go anywhere we want with it and there’s a lot of mythology behind her …so, that’s my way of avoiding answering the question.

By now, you know that the not-so-big surprise reveal within Jessica Jones was the fact that they cast Patricia Walker aka Trish Walker aka Patsy Walker aka freakin’ Hellcat. Rachael Taylor held her own in the show, and stands as one of the highlights of Jessica Jones‘ inaugural season. We’d be completely excited to see more of her character if and when a second season comes out.

There aren’t any confirmed plans for a second season quite yet, but as Den of Geek so astutely points out, Daredevil had a second season announced within days of its premiere–so we’re hoping that the same will happen for Jessica Jones real soon.

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