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“Father of a Daughter” Asks Michelle Pfeiffer About Her Weight During Scarface Reunion Panel

Tribeca 2018, Are You Okay?

What is going on with the attendees of the Tribeca Film Festival? First a guy tries to pitch Westworld's Jonathan Nolan a script during a Q&A, forcing organizers to stop it prematurely, ruining it for everyone. Then, Michelle Pfeiffer has an incredibly sexist question put to her during a panel under the guise of feminist allyship.

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This Ocean’s 8 Trailer Will Get You Amped for a Lady-Led Heist

The impeccable, all-female cast. My weakness for heist films. I was already amped for Ocean's 8, but now that I've seen the above trailer, I realize just how much I want to take part in a heist. Not to actually steal anything mind you. Like, I'd give the jewels back. I just kinda wanna see if I could do it, you know?

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Batgirl Solo Film is Back On With Bumblebee Scribe, Christina Hodson

Whether Joss Whedon fans or not, most of us breathed a sigh of relief when Joss Whedon was no longer attached to the live-action solo Batgirl film. For so many reasons, it seemed like a misguided choice. For those who worried about the fate of the project without Whedon's attachment, there's great news today! Batgirl has a new, female screenwriter.

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How Kay Cannon Turned a Generic-Sounding Blockers Script Into a Feminist Comedy

This is the perfect example of why we need not just wider onscreen diversity, but representation behind the scenes as well.

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7 Films You Didn’t Know Were Written by Women

Of 16 nominated screenwriters at this year's 90th Academy Awards, only four were women. That’s a major step up from last year, when Allison Schroeder was the only woman nominated, for co-writing Hidden Figures. And while there’s plenty of attention on the lack of female directors being recognized, it’s also important to acknowledge the gender disparity in nominated screenwriters.

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Feminist Fandom Docu-Series Looking for Leia Needs Your Help

Women have always been a part of Star Wars. And the docu-series Looking for Leia wants to tell their stories.

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Teenage Werewolves, Conspiracy Theories, Wine, & More: This Was a Good Week for Movie Trailers

It's been a big week for exciting trailers, especially when it comes to female-led movies.

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We Cannot Wait for CherryPicks, the Woman-Centric Answer to Rotten Tomatoes

CherryPicks is a Rotten Tomatoes-esque idea with an emphasis on putting women's voices at the center of discussions of art and entertainment.

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Review: Allure, Starring Evan Rachel Wood, a Relentless Depiction of Abuse Not for the Faint of Heart

3 out of 5 stars.

Evan Rachel Wood has recently taken the fight against abusers to Congress, where she testified in favor of an expanded Sexual Assault Survivor's Bill of Rights, sharing her own history of abuse and assault. Which makes her most recent film project all the more incongruous...or perhaps not. Wood stars in a new film out today called Allure.

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On Rethinking All the Narratives About Women We Used to Accept Before We Knew Better

There's a great piece over at The Muse today about female characters in films from the recent past that were framed as either villains, or unsympathetic in relation to their male protagonists, as well as the way many of us, in our ignorant youths, totally bought into those narratives. That is, until we grew up to realize that those women were actually better than the male protagonists and deserved much more than to be maligned by their own plots.

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Madonna Set to Direct Film Based on the Incredible True Story of Ballerina Michaela DePrince

Madonna is obviously a legendary performer, and has navigated entertainment both as a musical performer and as an actress pretty seamlessly. Her film directing, however, leaves something to be desired. Regardless, she's decided to give directing another go in order to bring the life of a truly compelling subject to the big screen.

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“Headless Women” Project Shows How Often Women Are Dehumanized on Movie Posters

With the Headless Women Project, Marcia Belsky "seeks to bring attention to the still standard practice of fragmenting, fetishizing and dehumanizing the images of women we see in film, TV, book covers, and advertisement."

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Introducing “The Kent Test” for Female Characters of Color in the Stories We Tell

There's a new pop culture test in town. Like the Bechdel-Wallace test and the Mako Mori test before it, The Kent Test, which was introduced yesterday to celebrate International Women's Day, seeks to offer a way to measure the participation of women in the stories we tell. More specifically, it seeks to provide a more in-depth measurement of how women of color are used and portrayed.

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The Chick Flick is Dead—Long Live the Chick Flick

As a society, we have really turned against romance, chick-flicks, romantic comedies, and romantic dramas. Not just men, but also female movie viewers, who were once assumed to be the biggest audience for those films.

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Review: Stephanie Beatriz Shines in The Light of the Moon, an Important #MeToo-Era Film

4 out of 5 stars.

We're very used to seeing rape as a catalyst in film, either to spur a man's story, or to be a woman's backstory. The Light of the Moon is important precisely because it portrays rape as something that is sadly normal, something to be gotten through in the day-to-day, not as the catalyst for major events.

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Alicia Vikander Confirms Worst Fears About Tomb Raider Movie—There “Aren’t Enough Women”

"I was on this island going, 'There's not enough women, where are they?' I was running around looking for them."

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Dee Rees Gives What Should’ve Been Her Potential Oscar Speech at the Film Independent Spirit Awards

The Oscars are over, but the mission of inclusion that permeated the ceremony has only just gotten started. One of the evening's most egregious snubs was that of Dee Rees for Best Director and Mudbound for Best Picture. Still, we got to see Rees deliver a killer speech when accepting the Robert Altman Award for Mudbound at the Spirit Awards this weekend.

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Frances McDormand Delivers the Most Giddy and Inspiring Acceptance Speech of Oscars 90

Frances McDormand was gonna damn near hyperventilate she was so thrilled to win the Best Actress Oscar this year for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. But she demanded that if she fell over, that the crowd should pick her up, because she had things to say. Holy hell, did she! Check out her speech after the jump.

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The FULL LIST of Oscar Winners From the 90th Academy Awards and the Inevitable Disappointments

Well, another awards season bites the dust. The 90th Academy Awards show happened last night, and this year's batch of Oscar statuettes now sit in the homes of their respective recipients. Here is the full list of winners, and while overall the evening was hugely inspiring for many reasons, there were some disappointments that I think are worth addressing.

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Wakanda Forever! What Black Panther Means to a Black Woman

First, let’s get one thing clear: Nakia is the hero of this movie.

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