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Official Sharknado Trailer Drops, So Do a Lot of Sharks From the Sky [Video]

Never change, Syfy. Never change.

GIFs and ripped videos of the commercials for Syfy and Asylum’s upcoming Sharknado “film” have been circling around the Internet for a few days, but now we’ve finally got a real HD trailer to watch over and over again instead. And watch it we will. Does it look like the stupidest idea to ever exist? Oh, most definitely. Will we be in front of our televisions on Thursday, July 11th  at 9pm EST with giant bowls of popcorn? Of course.

This movie already looks like it’s going to be endlessly quotable. In this trailer alone, we have these delightful nuggets of gold:

“It’s flooding here. And not the plumbing — the ocean.”

“The tornado’s heading for the airport. We need to destroy it before it gets there.”

And, of course, my favorite: “We’re going to need a bigger chopper.” It’s two references to much better monster movies in one! Genius. Pure genius.

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