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10 Badass Witches To Remind You The Witching Hour is Coming

Something wicked comes.

The Witching Hour is on its way and that means witches. We are here at The Mary Sue getting our broomsticks ready and celebrating good witches, bad witches, and morally grey witches who have lit up our movie and television screens with their wicked ways.

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Jordan Peele Is Developing a Show About 1970s Nazi Hunters & We Want It Now Please!

We're guessing audiences' interest in seeing a "diverse band of Nazi hunters" is at a modern high.

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Trump Planned to Honor TV Legend Norman Lear, Norman Lear Says No Thank You

Just not worth it.

For Norman Lear, the honor of being selected by the Kennedy Center is being overshadowed by the person hosting the event.

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Things We Saw Today: Feel Better About Life and the World With Twitch’s 18-Day Mister Rogers Marathon

It's easy to go down a rabbit-hole of negativity these days with everything going on in the world, but for the next sixteen days and change, there is at least one source of positivity and love that is here for us. Twitch is running an 18-day marathon of the children's classic TV show, Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

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Awesomely Diverse TV Shows on the Way From Bend It Like Beckham Director Gurinder Chadha

Instead of waiting for interesting stories to be told, why not tell them yourself? That seems to be the motto of Gurinder Chadha, best known for directing international hits Bend It Like Beckham and Bride & Prejudice.

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MTV Finally Acknowledges That TV Has Greater Relevance These Days With the MTV Movie & TV Awards

First, MTV went from exclusively giving out Video Music Awards to giving out the MTV Movie Awards. Now, after 25 years of that, the cable stalwart has finally decided to acknowledge what A-list film stars realized long ago. TV is where it's at these days.

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Here’s a Thing That Happened in TV: Girl Meets World Canceled, Charmed Reboot Officially a Go

It's been an eventful day for television to say the least. After Rider Strong revealed that the series had "ended" on a podcast, we now have official word that Girl Meets World has been canceled.

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The Goldbergs To Pay Homage to Tim Burton’s Batman With Help From Kevin Smith

The comedy is taking on Tim Burton's Batman and they're bringing in director Kevin Smith for reinforcements.

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Chewing Gum’s Michaela Coel on the Massive Success of Season 1 and How It Was Originally a Dark Comedy

With season two already airing in the U.K., creator, writer and star Michaela Coel spoke to Channel 4 about how the show's massive success has changed her life.

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Netflix’s Newish Sci-Fi Series, Travelers, Is Like Assassin’s Creed Meets Legends of Tomorrow

Plus Eric McCormack.

Netflix just released the trailer for their newish sci-fi series Travelers and there's something oddly familiar about it.

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That’s the End of Peak TV: Networks Want to Start Gearing Television Towards Trump Voters

Life imitating art imitating life imitating art ...

Do we need more television that appeals to these groups? Or do they feel like there's not enough simply because not every show on television is for them?

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TV Showrunners Talk Rape-As-Character-Development and What Needs to Happen to Stop the Lazy Use of This Trope

In most storytelling, from films and TV to comics, the sexual assault of female characters is an oft-used plot device that is often a frustrating "shorthand" for character development. It's made even more frustrating by the fact that too often, it's used not in the interest of developing the female character to whom it happened, but to motivate the male characters around her to action. Thankfully, there are television showrunners who are just as tired of Rape-As-Plot-Device as we are!

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SyFy Orders Superstition, Your New Favorite Show About a Creepy Small Town, To Series

There's nothing creepier than a small town full of secrets which might explain why Syfy ordered Superstition to a series of 13 episodes.

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All About Arrow: ‘Invasion!’ Brings Back the Dead For a Heartwrenching Episode

We're Day 3 into 'Invasion' and half the crew has been kidnapped by the Dominators who, contrary to their message of peace, are living up to their name.

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Like Glitter in Carpet, The Walking Dead Won’t Be Getting Rid of Negan So Easily

He's sticking around.

Like it or not, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's murderous, quippy villain Negan is sticking around—at least through next season.

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[VIDEO] Exclusive Kings of Con Clip: Some Medieval Practices Should Remain in the Past

King of Con, the scripted comedy from Supernatural's Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict, takes you inside the crazy world of convention life. While many would assume it's the dedicated fans bringing the chaos, this show proves that it's the actors who are behind all of the hijinks.

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Daniel Brühl and Luke Evans Will Track Down Gilded Age Serial Killers in The Alienist

Picture it: New York City in 1896. Theodore Roosevelt, the newly-appointed police commissioner, enlists criminal psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler and newspaper journalist John Moore to look into the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes.

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Why Television Is Even More Important to Me After the Election

The comfort and self-care that has come out of watching these shows has done more for my healing than anything else.

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Farewell Mrs. Brady: Iconic TV Actress Florence Henderson Passes Away at 82

Florence Henderson, best known for playing Carol Brady on The Brady Brunch has died. She was 82-years old.

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Frank Herbert’s Dune Novel is Heading Back to the Mainstream

Dune, Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, is about to make a huge comeback.

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