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The Netflix Additions for September Are Amazing and I Plan on Never Leaving My Room Again

This is a really, really great Netflix month and yes, I will be making all my plans this September around the new season of Bojack Horseman and repeated viewings of Carol.

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What the Hell Is Brigsby Bear?

I was on The Onion when I saw an ad for the film Brigsby Bear, and it looked so surreally bizarre that I was sure it was a fake Onion ad for a made-up movie. Mark Hamill and Claire Danes in a film with a guy in a bear suit and a grimacing sun overhead? Sure, guy. But it turns out that Brigsby Bear is real, and according to The New York Times, it's "a largely sweet, often very funny fairy tale about the perils and the sustaining pleasures of obsessive fandom." O RLY?

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Is My Beloved Peggy Carter Coming Back for Avengers: Infinity War?

This is the best idea in the history of time.

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U.S. to Finally Get the Rey Star Wars Monopoly Pieces We’ve Been Looking For

Despite much controversy over the lack of a Rey token in the Star Wars Monopoly game sold in the U.S, it seems as though Hasbro has finally decided to listen to the outcry and have available Star Wars Monopoly sets that include the heroine of The Force Awakens.

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The Future of Your City Is Absolutely Terrifying, According to Science Fiction


While D.C. and L.A. are trying to give us a run for our money, disaster-wise, I think I can say, my fellow New Yorkers, that based on the movies we're totally screwed.

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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Delivers The Fun, Technicolor Adventure You’d Expect From James Gunn

4 out of 5 Star-Lords.

If you have no taste and hate ’80 nostalgia, then you’re not going to like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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Brit Marling’s The OA and The Sound of My Voice Caution Against Not Believing Women

After watching the wonderful weirdness that is Netflix's The OA, I began to think about the similarities between it and star/creator Brit Marling's feature film, The Sound of My Voice. The two have several motifs in common. However, and more importantly, they both seem to focus on the importance of believing women about their own experiences. **SPOILERS FOR BOTH THINGS! SO, YOU KNOW, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED**

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Why Do We Accept Villainy From Real-Life Humans That We Don’t Accept From Pop Culture?

Why is it that we can easily call a villain a villain in a pop culture story, but when we see the same behavior exhibited in real life, we'll find a way to make excuses for it?

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The Onion Is Making Movies Now Because Art Imitates Life Imitates Way-Too-Real Art

They're going "do to the film industry what they’ve already done to publishing. In a good way."

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Ghost in the Shell Anime Returning to Theaters for 22nd Anniversary

Look alive, Ghost in the Shell enthusiasts. In honor of its 22nd anniversary, the 1995 anime is heading back to theaters for a two-day run in early February.

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Golden Globes 2017: Moonlight and La La Land Take Best Picture, But No Love for Genre Faves Stranger Things, Deadpool or Westworld

Genre fiction still seems to have a tough time taking home awards, if this year's Golden Globes serve as any indication.

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Differences Between Hollywood’s Top Paid Actors List & Its Top Grossing Ones Raise Some Questions

Gender, race, and existing levels of stardom all seem to be battling it out when none of those actually seem to be what audiences care about.

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The Edge of Seventeen Invalidates Teenage Depression, and That’s Not Okay

2 out of 5 stars.

The Edge of Seventeen refuses to fully validate Nadine’s obvious clinical depression at every turn.

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Fantastic Beasts Review: A Complicated Adventure for the Potter Fans Who Finally Grew Up

4 out of 5 Wands

This latest entry to Rowling's cinematic wizarding world is a complicated mixture of whimsical fun, sweet romance, and pitiless darkness.

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There’s Something Missing in Jackie Chan’s New Movie, Railroad Tigers, But I Can’t Put My Finger On It


Fresh off his honorary Academy Award win, Jackie Chan returns to form in a new trailer for his film Railroad Tigers.

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Joe Manganiello Says Ben Affleck’s The Batman Will Encompass All the Things You Love About Batman

Do you believe him?

If you're having reservations about Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, Joe Manganiello is here to assure you that everything is going to be okay.

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Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2 and Other Things We Learned Today

Fantastic news!

I had the opportunity to attend a special roundtable with the cast and crew of the film including director David Yates, Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, Katherine Waterson, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol and producer David Heyman.

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Yes, Man of Steel 2 is Really Happening and, Yes, There’s a Script Already in the Works

In case you had any doubts about whether or not Man of Steel 2 is actually happening, Amy Adams is here to help.

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George A. Romero Has Trouble Pitching Low-Budget Zombie Films, Thanks Brad Pitt and The Walking Dead

With shows like The Walking Dead and iZombie on television, and big budget films like World War Z and Warm Bodies dominating in cinema, it's clear that zombies are the monster of the moment. (Sorry mummies, vampires and werewolves.) And after successes like 28 Days Later and Zombieland, major studios will obviously continue push films like that in the theater.

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The Flash Lost Another Director Over Creative Differences, But the Movie Is Still Happening So There’s That

A solo film is slated for release in March 2018, but one small hitch may force Warner Bros. to move the date. The film just lost director Rick Famuyiwa. who also helmed the coming-of-age hit Dope, over creative differences.

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