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In the Romcom Renaissance, Maybe It’s Time to Let the Old Romcom Ways Die

No more.

Are we seeing the death of the traditional romantic comedy? With movies like Isn’t It Romantic poking fun at our tropes, and the failure and what used to suffice as a romantic comedy with What Men Want, is this the end?

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The Top-Grossing Movies of 2018 Say a Lot About Our Era

Final domestic box office tallies are in and this was a big year for movies—superhero movies, to be precise.

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Movies That Are As Good or Better Than the Book

We are too hard on film adaptations—sometimes they are better or equal to their print counterparts. Here are some we think make the mark.

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Dear MoviePass, If This Is the End, We’re Sorry We Didn’t Appreciate You More

MoviePass' promise to let us see unlimited movies in theaters for only $9.95 a month has long seemed too good to be true. And as it turns out, it was.

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The “Eclipsing” of White Men in Cinema Is Stupid and Means Nothing

Writing for Deadline Hollywood, in a piece titled "Make Way, Or Rather Don’t, For The Recessive Movie Male Of 2018," Michael Cieply decided to invent the inane idea that the 2017 nominations at the Producers Guild were "cinematic eclipses" of white men.

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7 Comfort Food Films for When the World Is a Dumpster Fire

Because self care via pop culture is kind of our thing.

We are halfway through the year, and 2018 shows no signs of letting up the breakneck pace of horrific news that we've been subjected to since November, 2016. The only thing more brutal than the horrific state of affairs is how quickly we have adapted to it. You know it's bad when you're watching The Handmaid's Tale to wind down from the news.

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Which Movies & TV Series Influenced Your “Feminist Agenda”?

Together these characters not only shaped me as a person, but really shaped how I view feminism — which is that being a woman doesn't have look a certain way. 

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I Feel Pretty and The Power of Radical Self Esteem

The New Amy Schumer Comedy Has Something to Say...and It's Not What You Think.

I'll admit it: when I first saw the trailer for Amy Schumer's new comedy I Feel Pretty I thought, "ugh, here we go." The last thing I need is a movie where the punchline seemed to be "this normal girl thinks she's hot but she's not LOLOL!". I was ready to hate on the film, but then something surprising happened...I kind of loved it.

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What’s the First Movie That Really Scared You?

While horror movies are designed to scare, many of us had our first frightening cinema experience unintentionally. Maybe we were too young to be watching that particular film, or what was marketed as a kid's movie was surprisingly terrifying. What was the first film that taught you movies could unsettle?

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Tales as Old As Time: 7 Fairy Tale Remixes and Remakes

How Folk and Fairy Tales Weave Themselves Into Our Popular Culture and Our Hearts

The term "fairy tales," depending on whether you are a writer, folklorist, historian, hobbyist, casual reader, or pop culture fan, can mean a few different things. The beauty of fairy tales and fairy tale-inspired works is that they integrate themselves into our popular thought, culture, and language in ways that are not always consciously apparent.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is Our New Everyman Superstar and I’m So Excited About It

Like it or not, the half-black, half-Samoan wrestler is the new everyman of the American action films you love and there is nothing you can do about it. 

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7 Queer Romance Movies That Don’t End in Heartbreak or Death

There are some great films that don't take advantage of shock value when telling an LGBTQIAP+ story, but they're often difficult to find. So we’ve found a handle of them for you right here.

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How the Casey Affleck-Free Gone, Baby, Gone Adaptation Can Age Better in the #MeToo Era

There are notable differences between having real people and fictional characters as role models. The latter are less likely to disappoint you, but they can also feel that much harder to live up to. That may be why I didn’t really have any when I was younger, and when I found one in my late teens, he was a particularly down-to-earth, human example: Patrick Kenzie, the protagonist of six crime thrillers by Dennis Lehane. Unfortunately, the first real person to bring him to life didn't measure up.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is the Best-Reviewed Science Fiction Film of 2017

As part of the 2017 Golden Tomato Awards, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been dubbed the best-reviewed science fiction/fantasy film of 2017.

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Can We Really Consider James Franco’s Lack of an Oscar Nom a “Snub?”

When the nominations for the Oscars were revealed, one name people found missing was James Franco for The Disaster Artist. Franco had previously won a Golden Globe for his role in the performance, but when articles were released lambasting him for his hypocrisy for wearing a #TimesUp pin, while having allegations in the past of behaving inappropriately around younger women.

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Luca Guadagnino Is Considering a Sequel to Call Me By Your Name

The director says the Oscar contender could be the first in a Before Sunrise-type series, and he knows just how the sequel will start.

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Screen Junkies Gives Get Out the Perfect Honest Trailer

Well, they did it again. Screen Junkies is good at roasting terrible movies, but when they have to do trailers for good films you get to see some of their best work, and their video for Get Out is probably among their funniest.

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Why Has DreamWorks’ Dragons Franchise Been So Quiet About the T.J. Miller Allegations?

While some major players in the entertainment industry have been swift to react in response to accusations of sexual violence—with Netflix’s speedy divorce from House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, and a string of freshly-canceled Louis C.K. projects as notable examples—the industry blackballing of accused men has been uneven, to say the least.

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Our 5 Favorite Denzel Washington Roles for His 63rd Birthday

Today is the 63rd birthday of legendary actor Denzel Washington. For years, he has been gracing our screens with not just beyond excellent acting abilities, but sex appeal.

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