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There is a Beer That Tastes Like Bacon and Maple Syrup

And here it is: The Bacon Maple Ale. The beer, now available in a 750ml Pept0-Bismal pink bottle, was the product of an unholy union between Rogue brewers and Portland’s legendary Voodoo Doughnut. If you’re bold enough to want to wrap your lips around this fatty, smokey brew, you’ll have to drop $13 a bottle or $156 for a case. The pricing may be a bit brutal, but that’s the cost of weird, small batch beers.

Oh, and by all accounts, it’s pretty terrible.

Unfortunately, this bizarre beer is only available through the mail and at select Oregonian locations. However, that might be for the best, as just about every outlet that has got their hands on the beer since its release in late September has been less than enthused.

From The Maple Daily:

It generally tastes like a dirty, ashy smoked beer without any of the subtlety of the finer Bamberger rauchbiers. The maple syrup notes pop up now and again, but the smoke flavor, along with fatty hits of unwanted bacon, dominate.

Portland’s Willamette Week had a variety of opinions about the beer, but none of them were positive:

“Smells like a candied ash tray.”

“Well, it is what it’s advertised. But that doesn’t make it good.”

“I need a cigarette to get this taste out of my mouth.”

“If they wanted to make this taste like a bacon maple bar—the bacon isn’t particularly smokey, it’s the salt that stands out. So it misses the mark in addition to being a foul abomination.”

Anybody have a counter opinion, or am I going to have to buy this myself?

(Rogue via BuzzFeed, Beer News)

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