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Bacon AT-ATs: Deliciously Invading Hoth

We at Geekosystem are on the record as being big fans of bacon-related handicrafts, which is why our collective jaws dropped and filled with tears of pride when we saw how This is Freaking Ridiculous celebrated Bacon Day: by sculpting an AT-AT out of bacon.

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The Bacon AT-AT’s specs, according to the TIFR crew:

  • 40+ pounds of bacon
  • 21 nonstop hours to build
  • 3+ feet high
  • tasty

More pics after the jump:

There’s more where that came from at TIFR.

See also: TIFR’s BA-K-47; Tobias LunchBreath’s assortment of underachieving AT-ATs.

(TIFR via Gorilla Mask)

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