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How to Make Bacon Fruit Cups [Springtime Delicacies]

Today in interesting uses for bacon: Instructables member Canida has put together an instructive, well-illustrated, and surprisingly tasty-looking guide to making fruit cups out of bacon. The perfect springtime treat!

These were supposedly a big hit at Bacon Camp SF 2010.

These are perfect for buffets, picnics, and other single-serving, no-utensils eating extravaganzas.

Serve immediately, or leave at room temperature until serving. These should be safe to leave at room temperature for several hours as the bacon is fully fried and separated from the wet ingredients. These are awesome, and disappear quickly – storage shouldn’t be an issue!

If for some reason you must refrigerate the assembled cups, let them come up to room temperature before serving. Better to refrigerate all ingredients separately (store bacon cups at room temperature) and assemble shortly before you serve.

Substitute other fruits and herbs to fit your tastes and the seasons. The mango works because it has a nice strong acidic flavor that works well against the bacon – I’d expect cherries, pineapple, and other assertive fruits to fill the same niche. Avocado could be subbed for a nice, ripe, melty pear – this one’s about mouth feel. Cilantro and mint would be good substitutes for the basil.

Check out the full guide at Instructables.

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