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Flamethrowers, Vodka, and Bouquets: The 10 Most Creative Uses for Bacon

Bacon: There are countless bacon tribute sites out there, and it’s safe to say that the Internet is pretty much obsessed with the stuff. In an essay on the beloved greasy, fatty strips of pig meat, a writer at one such site, Bacon Unwrapped, explores the reasons why:

There just aren’t many foods that have the same emotional impact on people as bacon. For some people, it brings back fond memories of Sunday breakfast with their family. For others, it’s taking pleasure in their favorite bacon cheeseburger for lunch. The most diligent bacon lovers save their bacon grease in a can in the refrigerator so they can enjoy the flavor of bacon even when they aren’t eating it.

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After the jump, ten of the most creative uses for bacon we could find. Some take advantage of its high degree of inflammability (see: bacon bomb, bacon flamethrower), some worm its distinctive flavoring into strange and unexpected places (see: bacon vodka, bacon coffee), and some, well, took a certain kind of inspiration (a lampshade made of bacon?):

1. Bacon Roses (via Cakehead Loves Evil)

2. Bacon Lampshade (via Serious Eats)

3. Bacon Band-Aids: (via McPhee; sadly, not actually made of bacon, but we had to include one of McPhee’s delightful baconated creations; it was either this or the Bacon Tuxedo.)


4. 5,000 degree flaming bacon lance of death (yes, actually. via Boing Boing)

5. Bacon vodka (via Bakon Vodka)

6. MMMvelopes: Bacon-flavored envelopes (ThinkGeek via Andy Levy’s Twitter)

7. Bacon bra (via Asylum)

8. Bacon-powered rocket (via Rather Good Stuff)

9. Maple bacon coffee (via Daily Beast; you can buy it here)

10. Bacon Bomb (wait for the :06 mark. via YoungChuck3’s YouTube account)

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