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Man Achieves Greatest Dream of a Generation: Deep Fried Baconnaise

Having seen the amazing popularity that deep fried butter has enjoyed this past summer the proprietor of DudeFood decided that he could do one better. Instead of merely deep frying butter, he would deep fry bit-size morsals of bacon flavored mayonaise.

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Already somewhat familiar with the butter frying process, which involves frozen butter cubes, this genius of mankind let baconnaise freeze in his ice cube tray overnight. The next morning, he wrapped each piece in a wonton wrapper and deep fried them. The results may surprise you.

He says:

After about five minutes in my deep fryer I had six delicious looking cubes of deep fried Baconnaise. Looks can be deceiving however, and I’m sad to report that the deep fried Baconnaise tasted absolutely terrible. What was once the perfect mix of salty and smoky instead just tasted somewhat burnt.

This is not a failure. Friends, this is bacon science.

(DudeFood via Neatorama)

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