Labor Day Geekend Roundup: 8/31 – 9/2

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Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, but an extra day off means an extra day of stuff you may have missed online. Spreadable beer! You missed spreadable beer, Taylor Swift quoting Hitler, licensed NES games that never were and more. Get caught up up while you nurse that barbecue hangover.

Saturday August 31st

Here’s Breaking Bad set to the Seinfeld theme and a laugh track

See some mockups of licensed NES and SNES games that never happened

This chimpanzee paints with its tongue and won an art contest

Ladies and gentlemen, Bradley Cooper is Rocket Raccoon for realsies this time

See how a pinhole camera turns empty apartments into surreal cityscapes

Sunday September 1st

The Pope poses for selfies now, how soon before he twerks?

Photos of Taylor Swift with quotes from Hitler make us kind of get Pinterest finally

Someone invented spreadable beer. That’s beer you can spread on things like a boozy Nutella

We get another look at Spider-Man’s sweet basketball moves

Monday September 2nd

Victoria continues her Breaking Bad recaps, and desperately wants someone to hug Jesse

Glen is pining for this tiny HD video camera from KickStarter

Watermelon + Power Drill = Smoothie

Internet-famous kittie Lil Bub has a book out today

There. You’re all caught up. Now go tell all your coworkers about how much better your barbecue would have been with spreadable beer and chimp-tongue art prints.

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