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Internet-Famous Cat “Lil Bub” Reveals Outer Space Backstory in New Book

Trying to get a book published? Try being a cat on the Internet maybe?

lil bub

Anyone who’s tried to get a book published can tell you it’s not easy. Unless you’re an adorable Internet-famous cat with dwarfism. Then I guess it’s pretty easy, because Lil Bub (shown above being pwecious) has a book coming out. Wook at her widdle face!

Bub and owner Mike Bridavsky have raised more than $70,000 for animal charities, and Bridavsky hopes the book will help get that number even higher. It sounds like it will.

The book will feature more than 100 pictures of Bub doing cat stuff, but will also introduce a backstory for the cat where she comes from space. Please tell me that means we’ll get to see her do space cat stuff. We won’t have to wait long to find out.

The book is out tomorrow, and Bridavsky has declared September 3rd, 2013 “Good Job Bub Day” which he announced in this adorable video:

Good job, Bub.

(Lil Bub via Business Insider, image via Indiana Public Media)

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